Air Mauritius is the national carrier of the beautiful island of Mauritius. The airline strongly emphasises providing its passengers with a comfortable journey. While booking your flight with Air Mauritius, you need to know their rules for how much luggage you can bring. If you know their policies, you will have a stress-free trip.  

This guide will discuss the specifics of Air Mauritius baggage allowance. You will learn how many bags you can bring, how heavy they can be, and any excess baggage fees. So, let’s unpack what you can bring on your next flight with Air Mauritius. 

Insights of Air Mauritius Baggage Allowance

The maximum luggage you can bring while flying with Air Mauritius is its Baggage Allowance. It is divided into two categories. Carry-on baggage is the number of bags you can carry during the flight. At the same time, check-in baggage is the one that remains in the cargo area of a plane. For your better understanding, there are separate instructions for each of them. Let’s go through them. 

Carry-On Baggage Allowance

  • For Economy Class: You can bring one piece of hand luggage that weighs a maximum of 7kg. 
  • For Business Class: With your business class ticket, you can take two bags of 7kg each. 

In addition to your hand luggage, you can also carry your personal items on board. These include your overcoat, wraps, blankets, umbrella, walking stick, etc. You can also bring tech gadgets like a laptop, camera, and binoculars. If you travel with a baby, you can bring an infant-carrying basket and food without extra charges. Such relaxation will provide you with great relief during the flight. 

While carrying your hand luggage, ensure it fits under the seat in front of you or an overhead locker. Remember that you can’t place your baggage behind your legs, in the aisles, or front of the emergency exit. 

Checked-in Baggage Allowance

  • For Economy Class: You can bring one bag of 23kg as an economy class passenger of Air Mauritius. 
  • For Business Class: With a high price ticket, you can bring a more significant number of bags. With your business class ticket, Air Mauritius allows you one bag of 32kg. 

In addition to weight limitations, your bags must be 158 cm in diameter. The checked-in baggage allowance will depend on your origin, destination, and membership status. Please note that if you have layovers with two airlines, two different baggage allowances will be applied. Air Mauritius will allow 23kg as checked-in baggage for each infant for both economy and business class if you travel with babies. 

Air Mauritius Baggage Allowance for Special Categories

Air Mauritius provide a special allowance for students, seamen, and its Kestrelflyer members. If you fall into any of these categories, you must be able to carry extra luggage. Now, let’s unfold what additional benefits are provided under these groups:

  • For Students

If you are flying as a student with extra bags of books and college stuff, don’t worry! Air Mauritius is here to assist you! All students can bring an extra bag of a maximum of 23kg for free. However, if you travel to/from Rodrigues. To avail of this free baggage allowance as a student, you should bring the following documents with you:

  • Your passport with a student visa and its photocopy. 
  • Any proof of you as a registered overseas student and its photocopy. 
  • For Seamen

Air Mauritius understands the special needs of seamen who want to travel with their extra baggage. They may have many things with them that might not fit in a small bag. The airline helps these people by letting them carry an extra bag of 23kg weight. The number and weight of bags will depend on the ticket type and the place they are going to. 

  • For Kestrelflyer members

If you are a Kestrelflyer member, you can enjoy an extra baggage allowance on your flight. Bring one extra piece of 23kg with your silver or gold cards. Remember this additional baggage allowance will not be applicable if you book a connecting flight with the following airlines:

  • Emirates
  • South African Airlines
  • Malaysian Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • Virgin Australia

Beyond the Basics: Extra Considerations to Remember

In addition to the above instructions, keep the following points in mind while travelling with Air Mauritius:

  • When They Can Say No to Excess Bags

Air Mauritius has the right to refuse your checked baggage if needed. If you don’t pack it properly, there’s a greater chance that they restrict your luggage. Sometimes, the aeroplane doesn’t have enough room. So, the airline has to say no to your excess baggage even if you’re willing to pay additional charges. 

  • The Power of Name Tags

You should label each bag with your name tag to ensure further safety. It should display your name, ticket number, and your destination. The airline also advises you to add your address. But no worries if you don’t want to display your home address! You can still add your business address or any other temporary address on the bag. 

  • Dealing with Damaged Bags

Air Mauritius will help you in every aspect if your bag is damaged. If such happens, the staff will check if your bag can be handled typically. The staff will inform you about the damage if it passes the checkpoint. They will put a special tag with your signature on it. The airline will accommodate every possible need. 

  • Confirming Your Destination

While accepting checked-in bags, the staff will confirm where you are travelling and direct you to a different contract of carriage if you have a connecting flight with another airline. 

Excess Baggage

Shop till you drop is a common saying. If you are in this condition, don’t worry about fitting all your stuff in a single bag. We know that you may exceed the weight limitations. For this purpose, Air Mauritius allows you to bring excess baggage if you are willing to pay additional fees. However, in case of the following situations, the airline will not be able to carry your extra luggage:

  • If there’s no available space
  • If the aircraft has a limited capacity
  • If there are unsuitable weather conditions

To tackle space issues, you should purchase excess baggage in advance. Air Mauritius has online services for booking spare bags. You can check the baggage management section on the website or call their contact centre to learn more. For each extra piece, you have to pay around EUR 3.21. You can book a maximum of 15kg as excess baggage. The rates can vary with your destination. 

Standard Protocols for Checking-In Your Baggage

You should reach the airport 1-2 hours early to avoid last-minute trouble. The staff will then check your luggage to ensure it follows the weight and dimension criteria. Remember the following important things to keep yourself and others safe at the airport. 

  • Ensure you look for signs showing where dangerous items are prohibited. 
  • Display your dangerous goods at the check-in desk. 
  • In case of oversized luggage, either pay in advance or head towards the counter at the airport to pay excess baggage fees. 
  • If you have any baggage-related queries, you must ask any staff member of Air Mauritius. 


Before booking your flight, read and understand the latest Air Mauritius Baggage Allowance policies. Then, pack your bags according to their rules. With these insights, you are ready to enjoy your trip to the fullest and create unforgettable memories.