Travelling is super cool and full of adventure, but it’s also important to understand the rules for how much stuff you can bring. So, if you’re getting ready to hop on a Turkish Airlines flight to explore another country, you’re probably asking, “How much stuff can I take?” Well, don’t worry! We’re here to make it easy and fun.

In this blog, we will explore all the cool details about how much luggage you can bring when flying with Turkish Airlines.

Why Travel With Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is a pretty famous airline. They’ve got a fantastic reputation for providing excellent service. From comfy seats to tasty in-flight meals, they ensure you’re well taken care of while up in the air.

Another awesome perk is their inflight entertainment. They have many movies, TV shows, and games to entertain you during your flight. So, say goodbye to boredom! And if you’re a fan of collecting frequent flyer miles, Turkish Airlines has a loyalty program called “Miles&Smiles” that rewards you for being a loyal traveller. The more you fly with them, the more perks and discounts you can enjoy.

Now that we know why Turkish Airlines is great let’s chat about what you can bring with you on your journey regarding luggage.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Checked baggage is the stuff you hand over at the airport, and they put it in the belly of the plane. It’s like your big suitcase.

Economy Class

If you’re flying in Economy Class with Turkish Airlines, you can bring some luggage. You can have one piece of checked baggage, which can’t weigh more than 23 kilograms (about 50.7 pounds). Just to give you an idea, that’s like the weight of two medium-sized dogs!

You get more room if you fly to or from the United States or Canada. You can bring two pieces of checked baggage, each weighing up to 23 kilograms (which adds up to about 100.4 pounds for both bags).

Business Class

You must bring even more stuff if you’re going all-out fancy and flying in Business Class. Passengers in Business Class are allowed two pieces of checked baggage, and each piece can weigh up to 32 kilograms (roughly 70.5 pounds). That’s like fitting a mini-fridge in your suitcase! So, if you’ve got extra swag to carry, Business Class has covered you.

Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage is the stuff you keep close to you during the flight. It’s like your personal stuff you want to have handy.

Economy Class

In Economy Class, you’re allowed one piece of carry-on baggage. It can’t weigh more than 8 kilograms (about 17.6 pounds). Imagine lugging around your school backpack filled with books, snacks, and essentials. Besides your main carry-on, you’re also allowed a smaller item like a purse, laptop bag, or a small backpack.

So, you can have your big bag and a little extra for your important stuff.

Business Class

You get even more carry-on options if you’re rolling in style and flying Business Class. You can bring not one but two pieces of carry-on baggage. However, each piece should still not weigh over 8 kilograms (around 17.6 pounds).

So, picture this: you could have your laptop bag for your tech gear, another small suitcase filled with your favourite games and plenty of yummy snacks to keep you happy during the flight.

Additional Baggage Rules

Sometimes, you might have special items like a stroller, wheelchair, or musical instrument you want to bring on your trip. Good news: Turkish Airlines allows these items free of charge! They won’t count toward your baggage allowance, so you can easily travel.

1) Sporting Equipment

If you’re all about sports, you’re in luck. Turkish Airlines knows you want to have fun abroad, so they’re cool with you bringing your sports gear. They’ve got your back, whether golf clubs, skis, or even a bicycle. But wait, there might be some special rules and fees for these items, so it’s smart to check with the airline before you pack your gear.

2) Overweight and Oversized Bags

What if your bags become heavier or bigger than what’s allowed? No sweat! Turkish Airlines has a smart solution, and they call it “excess baggage fees.” If your suitcase is too heavy or you’ve got more bags than they say you can bring, you can still take them with you by paying an extra fee.

When you’re flying internationally with Turkish Airlines, the cost of these excess baggage fees can vary. It depends on where you’re going and how heavy your extra stuff is. 

3) Fragile Items

Let’s say you’ve got some fragile stuff in your luggage, like glassware or precious artwork. Even though Turkish Airlines is careful with bags, it’s a good idea to be extra cautious. You can give your delicate items extra protection by carefully packing them. Think special wrapping or even getting some travel insurance to be super safe.

What’s NOT Allowed in Your Baggage

Now, let’s talk about what you should NOT pack in your luggage when flying with Turkish Airlines (or any airline, for that matter).

1) Prohibited Items

You can’t bring super dangerous stuff, like explosives, firearms, or things that can easily catch fire, like flammable materials. These things are big no-nos! Keep them far away from your luggage, and, honestly, just leave them at home. It’s important to remember that safety comes first when you’re on a flight, and bringing these items can cause major problems and delays. 

So, double-check your bags before heading to the airport to ensure none of these prohibited items sneak in.

2) Restricted Items

Let’s talk about some things you can bring but with a few rules to follow, like liquids and gels. You’re allowed to bring them, but there’s a limit. Each container should hold no more than 100ml. It’s like having mini-sized bottles of shampoo or toothpaste. Remember these rules, and you’ll sail through security without a hitch.

3) Valuables

When it comes to your precious stuff, like jewellery or electronics, it’s a good idea not to toss them into your checked luggage. Nope, you should keep these valuable items in your carry-on bag. Why? You can ensure they stay safe and sound during your trip. Nobody wants their favourite gadgets or bling to go missing or get damaged, right?

Long Story Short

Turkish Airlines has your back when packing your stuff for exciting journeys worldwide. Just keep in mind that the rules about baggage can be a bit different depending on your class of travel, where you’re heading, and the type of ticket you’ve got. Things can change, and staying in the know is important to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Now, armed with all this cool baggage allowance knowledge, you can hop on a Turkish Airlines flight to your dream destinations, make amazing memories, and have adventures that will stick with you for a lifetime.