Planning a trip with TUI Airways? Awesome! Whether you’re heading to the beach or checking out a cool city, knowing TUI’s rules for bringing stuff with you is important. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with all the info you need in this handy guide. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in because this guide will be your ultimate guide for TUI baggage allowance!

What is Baggage Allowance?

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance? It’s all about how much stuff you can bring on your flight without paying extra. Airlines like TUI Airways have some rules about this, and we’re here to explain them in a fun and easy way. Ready? Let’s go!

Checked Baggage

Sometimes, you have stuff that’s too big or important to bring to the plane. That’s when you use checked baggage. Here’s the cool part: TUI Airways lets you bring checked baggage, but there are some important things to know.

1. For TUI package holiday

If you’re going on one of TUI’s package holidays, you can usually check in 15 kg or 20 kg of baggage per person. That’s like bringing a suitcase filled with your holiday gear.

2. For flight-only adventurers

Your baggage allowance might differ if you’re not on a package holiday. It depends on the type of ticket you bought. So, be sure to check the details for your specific flight itinerary.

One big tip: Before you zoom to the airport with your checked bags, weigh them. Going over the weight limit can lead to extra charges, which we don’t want. So, pack your bags like a pro and avoid those extra fees!

Cabin Baggage

Cabin baggage, also known as hand luggage, is the stuff you can bring onto the plane. It’s like your in-flight buddy, the things you’ll need during your journey or want to keep close.

1. If you’re on a TUI package holiday

You’re in luck! You can bring one cabin bag, which should weigh no more than 10 kg. That’s like a small suitcase to keep your essentials handy.

2. But if you’re a flight-only passenger

Your cabin bag allowance might not be the same for every ticket type. It can vary, so check the details for your specific flight.

One key thing to remember: Your cabin bag must fit within TUI’s specified size limits, and you should be able to stow it in the overhead storage or under the seat in front of you. That way, it won’t be in the way during the flight, and you’ll have a comfy journey!

Additional Items

In addition to your cabin baggage, TUI Airways allows passengers to bring some additional items on board. These items don’t count toward your cabin baggage allowance and can include a handbag, laptop bag, or overcoat.

Now that we know about what you can bring let’s dive into some important tips and rules for TUI baggage. Ready for some expert advice? Let’s go!

Tips and Guidelines for TUI Baggage

When it comes to packing for your trip with TUI Airways, here are some valuable tips to make the process smoother:

1) Check Your Ticket Type

First, check whether you’ve booked a package holiday or a flight-only ticket. Why? Because your baggage rules can be different based on your booking. It’s like knowing the rules of the game before you start playing.

2) Weigh Your Bags

Get yourself a trusty luggage scale. Why? Well, it’ll help you avoid those pesky excess baggage fees. Before leaving for the airport, weigh your checked baggage and cabin bag. Make sure they’re within the weight limits set by TUI. This means less stress and more savings!

3) Keep Essentials in Your Cabin Bag

Your cabin bag is like your treasure chest during the flight. So, make sure to pack important stuff in there. What stuff? Things like medicines if you need them, your travel documents (like passports and boarding passes), and even a spare set of clothes. Why? Because having these essentials within arm’s reach can be a lifesaver, especially on long flights.

4) Consider Baggage Options

Sometimes, you might think, “Hey, I need more baggage space!” No worries because TUI Airways has got you covered. You can actually buy an extra baggage allowance before your trip. It’s smart because it can save you some cash compared to the surprise excess baggage fees you might face at the airport. So, planning ahead can put more moolah in your pocket for souvenirs or snacks during the flight.

5) Prohibited Items

Now, when it comes to packing, there are some no-nos you need to know about. We’re talking about things that aren’t allowed in your luggage or cabin bag. This includes stuff like hazardous materials (that’s anything dangerous), sharp objects (nope, not even that pocketknife), and liquids that go over a certain limit (keep those shampoo bottles small!). 

To avoid any surprises at the security checkpoint, it’s a great idea to check out our website for more tips!

6) Special Baggage

Are you planning to bring cool stuff like sports gear or a musical instrument on your journey? Awesome! But these items often come with special rules. TUI Airways has guidelines to make sure everything goes smoothly. Sometimes, you might need to pay extra fees, or your special items might need some special handling. It’s a bit like having a backstage pass for your gear, and it’s important to check these rules in advance.

Baggage Allowance for Infants and Children

Let’s talk about baggage allowance, especially when you’ve got little travellers in tow. TUI Airways has some special rules for infants and children, and we’re here to break it down for you:

Infants (Under 2 Years)

If you’re flying with a baby on your lap (yep, they don’t get their own seat yet), you’re usually allowed to bring one pushchair and one car seat. These items are typically free, but here’s the catch: they must be checked in. That means they won’t be in the cabin with you. Don’t forget to check the details for your flight because the rules can vary.

Children (2 to 11 Years)

Now, if you’re travelling with slightly older kids, those aged 2 to 11, they get the same baggage allowance as the grown-up passengers. So, they can usually bring the same amount of luggage as the adults in the family. It’s important to keep this in mind while packing for your family adventure.

Travelling with the little ones can be a lot of fun, but knowing the rules is good so you can pack accordingly and have a smooth journey. After all, you want to ensure you have everything you need for a fantastic family trip!

Excess Baggage Fees

If your checked luggage or cabin bag is too heavy or too big according to the rules, the airline might charge you extra fees. These fees can really add up, and that’s no fun at all. So, the key is to pack smart and stick to the guidelines.

But what if you know you’ll need more baggage space than your initial allowance? Well, no worries! TUI Airways has got a smart solution. You can buy extra baggage in advance, which is usually way cheaper than paying those excess baggage fees at the airport.

To purchase additional baggage, you can do so through the TUI Airways website or by contacting their customer service team. Book your extra baggage in advance to lock in the best rates. Saving money on baggage means more cash for souvenirs or cool experiences during your trip!


In summary, grasping TUI Airways’ baggage allowance policy is key for a worry-free and budget-friendly travel adventure. Whether you’re gearing up for a beach getaway or an action-packed adventure, having a handle on the rules and regulations for checked baggage, cabin baggage, and special items is a must. Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Always check what kind of ticket you have; it affects your baggage allowance.
  2. Invest in a luggage scale to avoid extra charges.
  3. Keep important stuff like medicine and documents handy in your cabin bag.
  4. If you’re bringing sports gear or instruments, check TUI’s policies in advance.
  5. Consider buying extra baggage space ahead of time to save money.

So, as you begin your journey with TUI Airways, make sure your bags are packed and ready to roll within the airline’s baggage limits. Travelling light and following these guidelines will ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip from beginning to end. Lastly, make amazing memories wherever you go and have as much fun as possible. We believe life is short, so it’s better to live every day like it is your last!