If you’ve ever flown with Ryanair or plan to do so, you might have wondered just how strict their hand luggage policy is. After all, nobody wants to get to the airport only to find out their bag doesn’t meet the airline’s requirements. In this blog, we’ll discuss the small details of Ryanair’s hand luggage rules and explore how strict they are. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s take off into the world of Ryanair hand luggage policies!

What Does Ryanair Say?

Now, let’s get the scoop straight from Ryanair’s own website. They say you can bring one small bag on the plane without extra cost. Awesome, right? But here’s the catch: this bag has to be pretty compact. It should fit under the seat right in front of you. And the size shouldn’t be 40cm x 20cm x 25cm.

To give you an idea, that’s roughly the size of a regular school backpack. So, think about the trusty backpack you carry to school; that’s about the size limit for your freebie bag on a Ryanair flight. Cool, isn’t it? But hang on, there’s more to the story.

10kg Check-in Bag

They say that if you want to bring more than just that small freebie bag, you’ll need to book what they call a “10kg Check-in Bag.” Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean you must weigh your bag at the airport. It means your extra stuff goes in the plane’s hold instead of with you in the cabin.


Ryanair does allow you to bring additional items like a duty-free shopping bag, a handbag, or a laptop bag. These are often called “personal items” and should fit comfortably under the seat in front of you.

Priority & 2 Cabin Bags

But here’s the fun part: Ryanair also offers “Priority & 2 Cabin Bags.” You get to be one of the first to board the plane for a little extra cash, which means you’ll have more space in the overhead bins for your stuff. With this option, you can bring a larger cabin bag on board and your small bag.

What Do You Need To Do?

Now comes the most famous question. What can you do to avoid anything wrong? Luckily, we have all those answers for you. So, let’s break them down into easy steps:

1) Stick to the Size Limits

First things first, remember the size limits set by Ryanair. Your free small bag should be no bigger than 40cm x 20cm x 25cm. Keep it in these dimensions to avoid any issues.

2) Be Prepared for Variation

Now, here’s the deal. While some travellers might have a chill time with their Ryanair hand luggage, it’s smart to think that the rules might be super strict. Don’t push the limits; playing it safe for a smooth journey is better.

3) Pack Smart

Since there’s not much space for your hand luggage, you must be a packing pro. Think about what you need on the flight and leave the stuff you can live without behind.

4) Consider Priority Boarding

If you’re worried about finding a spot for your bag, think about getting priority boarding. It can up your chances of getting space in the overhead bins. It’s like getting a head start in a race; you get a better spot

Tips for Stress-Free Hand Luggage Travel with Ryanair

Here’s the lowdown for a smooth ride:

1) Measure Your Bag

Grab a measuring tape and check if your bag fits Ryanair’s size rules. If it’s too big, maybe consider getting a smaller bag for this trip.

2) Arrive Early

Getting to the airport with plenty of time to spare is a top-notch move. It lets you sort out your luggage situation or grab extras like priority boarding.

3) Pack Light

Ryanair’s got some size restrictions, so be a minimalist. Only bring what you really, really need during the flight. Stuff you can live without? Leave it at home.

4) Consider Extra Services

Ryanair has some neat services if you’re worried about where to put your stuff. Priority boarding, for example, gets you on the plane early and increases your chances of getting space in those overhead bins. It’s like a VIP pass to a smoother journey!

But what happens if you do exceed the limits?

Exceeding the Limits: Fees and Consequences

So, when it comes to Ryanair’s rules, you’ve got to pay attention to what might happen if you break them:

1) Oversized Bags

If your bag is too big, can’t fit under the seat, or exceeds the allowed size, you might get hit with a fee right at the gate. These fees can be expensive, so avoiding them like the plague is best.

2) Additional Bags

Trying to sneak more than one bag onto the plane? Well, you might end up paying for it. They’ll likely ask you to pay for priority boarding or check the extra bag into the plane’s hold. And guess what? Paying at the gate can cost way more than booking it in advance.

3) Last-Minute Decisions

Here’s the deal: You must decide about your Ryanair hand luggage before reaching the gate. It can be stressful and pricey if you’re still trying to fix things or pay for extras at the last moment.

Ryanair’s luggage rules might seem a bit strict, but there’s a good reason behind them. They want to ensure everyone can get on the plane quickly and smoothly. Keep it simple, and you’ll have a stress-free journey!

Long Story Short

In conclusion, when it comes to flying with Ryanair, it can be quite enjoyable if you’re ready and follow the Ryanair hand luggage rules. You don’t need to stress about navigating Ryanair’s hand luggage policy. Just get the rules, get ready, and pack smart. That’s the recipe for a smooth journey with no surprise charges or headaches. Remember, it’s better to be safe and stick to those dimensions for your free small bag.

So, whether you’re off on a vacation or heading back home for the holidays, you can now confidently tackle your Ryanair flight!