Hey there, fellow adventurer! Do you have an exciting travel story or backpacking tip you’re eager to share? Join our Travel BackPack community and become a contributing writer. We’re on the lookout for fresh voices and unique perspectives to enrich our backpacking platform.

Why Contribute to Travel BackPack?

  • Amplify Your Voice: Share your travel experiences and expertise with a passionate audience of fellow travelers and adventure enthusiasts.
  • Inspire Others: Your stories and tips can inspire and help others plan their backpacking adventures, making a meaningful difference in their travels.
  • Build a Community: Be part of a community that values exploration and storytelling, fostering connections with like-minded individuals from around the globe.

Submission Guidelines

We want to ensure that every piece we publish on Travel BackPack aligns with our vision of promoting authentic and enriching backpacking experiences. Here are our submission guidelines:

Authenticity and Originality

Share your genuine travel experiences and insights. All submissions must be original and not published elsewhere.


Tailor your content to fit our theme of adventure, destinations, tips, and everything backpacking.

Engaging Writing

Craft compelling, informative, and inspiring content that captivates our readers and encourages them to embark on their own adventures.

Practical Advice

Offer practical tips and advice to assist fellow travelers in planning their backpacking escapades. Your insights can be the key to unlocking someone else’s dream journey.

Quality Matters

Ensure your writing is of high quality, free from grammatical errors, and adds value to our readers. We appreciate well-structured and thoughtfully composed articles.

How to Contribute

Excited to contribute to Travel BackPack? Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Send an Inquiry: Reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Post Inquiry.
  2. Introduce Yourself: Provide a brief introduction about yourself, your passion for travel, and why you want to contribute to Travel BackPack.
  3. Propose Your Topic: Share your proposed topic or topics along with a brief overview. We’re open to suggestions that align with our theme.
  4. Submit a Writing Sample: Include a writing sample or a link to your blog, so we can get a sense of your writing style.

We’re eager to read your travel tales and share them with our community of adventure seekers!

Happy writing and safe travels!

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