Qatar Airways is one of the top-rated airlines in the World. Lots of people choose to fly with them. However, comparing different airlines is a good idea before making a final choice. For this, you shouldn’t just look at the ticket price. You should also think about how much luggage they allow for free. Baggage allowance varies for every airline. It means you can bring different amounts of stuff on board. Therefore, we are comparing baggage allowances for top airlines for your convenience. It will help you decide what’s the most suitable option for you. We will give you all the information you need, from British Airways to Qatar Airways baggage allowance. So, stay tuned! 

Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance Overview

Qatar Aiways Baggage

Like other airlines, the baggage allowance for economy and business class differs from that of Qatar Airways. Here’s the detail:

For Economy Class:

Every economy class passenger can carry only one bag. But it comes with certain limitations. The weight of your bag should be a maximum of 7kg. The dimensions of your hand luggage should be 50 x 37 x 25 cm. Qatar Airways includes your personal items like a laptop, camera, or any other equipment within your carry-on luggage. So, pack accordingly.

Qatar Airways allows 25kg or 55lb per passenger for checked-in baggage to/from all destinations. However, for flights to/from America or Africa, you can carry two bags of each 23 kg. If you fly to/from these countries, you can take 46 kilograms of luggage. Further limitations will depend on the aeroplane’s carrying capacity. 

For Business Class: 

If you are travelling through business class, you will have relaxation on baggage allowance. You can carry two bags of hand carry of each 7 kg. This means you can bring items up to 14kg in weight. How amazing! 

Qatar Airways allows 40 kg of checked-in baggage per passenger. If you are travelling to/from America or Africa, you will be more relaxed. Each person can carry two bags of 32 kilograms for these destinations.

Comparison with Major Airlines

The aviation industry is highly competitive. Due to this, airlines try to provide favourable options to attract customers. Therefore, we are comparing Qatar Airways’ baggage allowance with the biggest names in the industry: Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines. All of these airlines are well-known and popular worldwide. Our goal is to provide you with a complete understanding of their baggage allowance and fees so you can select the best option for your needs. 

Hand Baggage Allowance Comparison

As you already know, Qatar Airways allows 7kg and 14kg for economy and business class passengers, respectively. Emirates and Singapore Airlines also allow hand luggage of the same weight as Qatar Airways. Among its competitors, British Airways allows its customers to carry the maximum amount of hand luggage. If you fly with them, you can carry an ultimate cabin bag of 23 kg. That’s a significant relief. 

You can take all your important documents, medications, tech stuff, and personal items with you on the plane. Then comes Air France. It allows 12kg and 18kg as hand luggage for its economy and business class passengers, respectively. On the other hand, Swiss International Airlines, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines allow 8kg per person as hand luggage. On your business class ticket, these airlines will let you take two bags of 8kg or 16kg. 

Checked Baggage Allowance Comparison

The baggage which you can’t access during the flight is referred to as checked baggage. Your checked baggage is usually in the cargo area of the aircraft. Aeroplanes have a limit on how much weight they can carry when they’re flying to or from a destination. That’s why airlines ask passengers to follow some instructions and make sure they don’t exceed the weight limit. It’s essential to keep everyone safe and ensure the flight goes smoothly.

Emirates has the minimum baggage allowance for its customers. If you are flying with economy class, you can only carry 20kg. This can be tough if you’re going on a long trip and have a lot of things to carry. However, if you’re flying in a business class with Emirates, you can take up to 50kg. Singapore Airlines, on the other hand, has the maximum checked baggage allowance for people with economy-class tickets. You can carry up to 30kg of checked-in luggage with you. However, business class has the facility to bring 50kg. 

It’s worth noting that British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines have the same checked baggage allowance as Qatar Airways. They allow their economy class passengers to carry one bag of 23 kg, and up to 64kg for Business class passengers. 

Excess Baggage Fee Comparison

Airlines will charge extra fees if your luggage exceeds the baggage allowance. It is usually called an excess baggage fee. It varies for different airlines and destinations. If you are planning a long trip or want to carry more than the allowed weight, you must check out the excess baggage fee prior. Following is the breakdown of extra baggage fees for famous airlines:

  • Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways charges standard excess baggage from $20 to $60. However, if you book from their website in advance, you can save up to 70%. We recommend that you always weigh your luggage before you travel. If it exceeds the limited weight, you should pay in advance. This will help you save some money.
  • Emirates: The rates for Emirates range from $15 to $50. The charges are different for every destination. So, before booking your excess baggage, you must check the applicable rates for your destination. Emirates provides up to 50% to 60% discount if you purchase excess baggage at least four hours before departure.
  • Singapore Airlines: If you travel with Singapore Airlines, the excess baggage fee will range from $40 to $200. It depends on which country you are travelling to and how much luggage you are purchasing. 
  • British Airways: British Airways will charge you approximately $100 per excess bag on a one-way journey. But don’t worry; if you change your mind after pre-booking excess baggage, you can get a refund. Just remember, it is applicable up to a specific limit. Regarding payment, the airline will use the same method you used when you paid for the excess baggage.
  • Virgin Atlantic: You can bring up to seven additional bags on your economy ticket while flying with Virgin Atlantic. But it comes with a price. The excess baggage fee ranges from $60 to $300. You should visit their website to calculate the exact amount. The price will increase with the number of bags and vice versa. 
  • Swiss International Airlines: It offers massive discounts if you can pay excess baggage fees online. On, the extra baggage charges are a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $75. But if you decide to pay the costs at the airport, the charges will double. It will range from $50 to $105. So, if you have excess baggage, pay online to save money. 
  • Air France: If your luggage weighs more than 32kg, additional baggage charges apply to you. Airlines will cost you around $57 to $105 for your second extra bag. After two bags, you must pay $200 to $299 for each additional piece of luggage. But, if your bag is slightly oversized, the airline will give you some relaxation. And the charges are not as high as for a piece of extra baggage. The oversized luggage will cost you a minimum of $21. Please keep in mind that charges can fluctuate depending on your destination. 
  • Lufthansa: Lufthansa is a German airline. Therefore, the excess baggage rates on domestic flights are minimal. The airline will only charge you $20-$80 while travelling within Germany. But if you are travelling within Europe, the rates will increase slightly. For flights to/from Europe, you must pay $30-$90 for extra luggage. If you book a long-haul flight with Lufthansa, the additional baggage fee ranges from $70 to $285. 
  • Turkish Airlines: If you travel with Turkish Airlines, they will charge $8 to $9.5 per five kilograms for domestic flights. While if you are on an international airline, the price varies from $25 to $160 per 5kg. You can get a massive discount with reward credit cards for Turkish Airlines.


It’s important to know the baggage rules for each airline you plan to travel with when packing for your trip. Qatar Airways, like airlines, has its own set of regulations that passengers should adhere to. It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the baggage policies of the airline you’re flying with to avoid any surprises. Different airlines may have varying levels of leniency regarding baggage allowances, so selecting the right airline is key. Take care to pack your bags for an enjoyable journey ahead. Wishing you a pleasant trip!