Goa is an undoubtedly beloved beach for all Indians as well as people around the world. While people love to enjoy the tropical vibe of this beachy destination, they are also constantly looking for places to capture beautiful photos. Well, we would do the same if we went to such a beautiful place. To spice up your Insta feed with stunning pictures of Goa, we are sharing the best Instagrammable spots in Goa. So, get ready to leave your followers in awe! 

The Parra Road

The real OGs of Instagram know that to start the series of your beach holiday, it is essential to take a picture of you on a serene road with palm trees on both sides. You can capture the exact moment at the Parra Road in Goa. Finding the exact location on Google Maps is a breeze. The road looks familiar, as you may have seen such a scene in many movies. So, don’t miss the opportunity to capture beautiful shots at Parra Road in Goa. 

Our Lady of Piety Church, Divar Island

The ancient building of Piety Church provides a fantastic backdrop for your photos. It is an ancient architectural marvel that will intrigue your followers. And you know better than us how such posts improve your account’s engagement. Moreover, you can see amazing views of Divar Island, Old Goa, and Panaji City from the upper storey of the Church. So, if you visit during sunrise or sunset, you can capture breathtaking views of Goa. 

Eva Café, Anjuna 

Imagine a relaxed cafe by the sea, where you can watch the sun go down while sipping something yummy. Such cute moments can be captured at a small café at the Anjuna flea market. The café is called Eva Café, a marvellous spot for your insta photos. This cafe is unique because it is decorated with beachy things like shells and distressed furniture. It’s all white, beige, and blue, making it look peaceful and relaxing. You can even take a picture of yourself looking super cool and bohemian with your coffee or beer. Sounds like the perfect place to hang out, right?

Reis Magos Fort, Bardez

If you are in Goa and haven’t seen Reis Magod Fort, you’re missing out on an incredible experience! This historic fort offers a glimpse into Goa’s past. It is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for the right spot to capture beautiful pictures in this area. The fort is over 450 years old and near the Mandovi River. From the fort, you can see some breathtaking views of the river and the city of Panjim across it. Some really big windows in the fort give you a great river view. You can also visit the fort and learn about its history in interesting exhibition halls. And if you go up to the rooftop, you can make excellent reels and stories for your Instagram feed. In addition, it’s a perfect spot for some cool selfies with a beautiful backdrop!

Cabo de Rama Beach, South Goa

Visiting a beachy destination and leaving without taking any photos with the sea in the backdrop that’s impossible! We have found a fantastic spot in Goa where you can capture the breathtaking beach views. You can locate Cabo de Rama beach at a distance of 53km from the south of Goa International Airport. It is a highly clean beach with a serene atmosphere. So, you can plan your cute outfit and take as many photos as possible. The best part? You will not find it crowded, mostly at sunsets and sunrises, which is an excellent opportunity to take pictures without capturing random faces of people in the backdrop. 

Pink Chilli, Arpora

Pink Chilli is a famous restaurant in Goa that serves more than food. Wondering what does it serve? Well, that serves as a fantastic backdrop for your photos. The restaurant’s unique name is reflected in its quirky pink décor. So, the restaurant is a burst of pink colour which goes well with your fun outfits. You will find art, tradition, and a spunky Indian look of Goa in its interior. Above all, it serves delicious food. You can try its famous Indian-style seafood, which is liked by many. So, while you are in Goa, we suggest you visit this beautiful restaurant, enjoy the delicious food, and take a gazillion photos. 

Fontainhas, Panjim

Fontainhas in Panjim is an art gallery but in a whole neighbourhood! This vibrant place is super colourful and will elevate your Instagram feed with its burst of colours. The neighbourhood has houses painted in cool colours like green, yellow, and blue. Their roofs are made of bright red tiles. And the interesting part, some of these houses are over 100 years old? In short, your visit to Goa’s historic sites is anything but dull and monochromatic. Instead, you experience the region’s rich history through a vibrant and colourful lens. If you’re really into art, there’s also a gallery called Gitanjali Gallery that you should check out. So, bring your cameras with you, take beautiful shots of the neighbourhood and don’t forget to pose there! 

Anjuna Flea Market

Your Goa trip is incomplete without the vibrant shots of the bustling lanes of the Anjuna flea market. Imagine strolling through this market’s lanes with the warm sun kissing your skin and the sea breeze tousling your hair. Now, imagine being able to capture that lively atmosphere in your camera and relive that moment whenever you want. Well, you can do just that by visiting the Anjuna Flea Market. So why not come and experience the authentic vibe for yourself? From brightly coloured lamps to aromatic spices and intricately carved wooden souvenirs, there’s something for everyone at the market. So, not only can you take great photos, but you can also take something precious from Goa with you back home. So, if you’re planning a Goa vacation, add a visit to the Anjuna flea market to your itinerary; you won’t regret it!

In a Nutshell

Whether you’re a pro or just love snapping photos, Goa is the perfect place for you! With so many beautiful Instagrammable places in Goa, don’t forget to bring your camera and wear your best outfit. You can stroll around the pretty streets, relax on the sandy beaches, and make memories that will last forever. Share your travel stories to inspire others and spark their interest in embarking on their own exciting journeys.