Hawaii is home to many jaw-dropping sites which you can’t miss in this beautiful state. Hawaii has around 100 famous waterfalls, and many hidden gems have yet to be discovered. So, whenever you visit Hawaii, we recommend you check these natural landscapes. You may think that the top attraction of Hawaii is its beaches. But don’t limit yourself to this. Explore this beautiful state by visiting different natural sites. And what’s better than starting with visiting the waterfalls? Their natural beauty is an accurate representation of what heaven looks like. So, let’s check out these precious natural gems of Hawaii!

Discover Hawaii’s Top Waterfalls

No doubt, Hawaii is no short of beautiful waterfalls. But for your visit in 2024, we’ve crafted a list of the top 8 waterfalls among them. Have a look. 

1. Waipoo Falls

  • Location: You’ll find this fantastic natural wonder in Kaua’i. It is located approximately 2.6 miles of trail near Wainiha.
  • Height of waterfall: The height of this waterfall is about 800ft.

The trail to Waipoo Falls is a popular hike in the area. You’ll see diverse wildlife, rainforests, and splendid natural views on your way. If you are hiking the Waimea Canyon trail, you’ll find the Waipoo Falls at the end of it. A shortfall led by a deep fall divides the Waipoo into two parts. In the beginning, the waterfall doesn’t have much depth. It is the reason we call it a shortfall. Then, the water flows down a very steep terrain, followed by a final plunge. Due to its exceptional height of 800ft, you can enjoy the views of Waipoo from the Waimea Canyon Road. 

2. Rainbow Falls

  • Location: To see Rainbow Waterfalls, travel to Hilo’s northwest border. Drive up Wainuenue Avenue and turn right onto Rainbow Drive to get closer. 
  • Height of waterfall: The height of the waterfall is 80ft.

The rainbow falls and flows over a lava cave that has been the subject of legends for housing the ancient Hawaiian goddess Hina, who is known as the goddess of the moon. When you stand at the back of the waterfall, the sunlight reflects the water, which creates a rainbow. Since the waterfall’s mist creates the rainbow, locals call it a rainbow waterfall. The hike to the waterfall is also worth it. There is lush greenery with giant banyan trees. Undoubtedly, a trip to Rainbow Falls is a lifetime memory. 

3. Akaka Falls

  • Location: On the Kolekole stream, there is Akaka Falls. 
  • Height of waterfall: The height of the waterfall is 442ft. 

It is among the waterfalls that are not to be missed in Hawaii. To view it, you don’t need to hike steep paths. Due to the easy path, these falls are a popular spot for tour buses and large crowds. With such a great height, you can see the falls from different locations. Surrounded by lush greenery, the waterfalls offer beautiful views.

4. Papalaua Falls

  • Location: In the deep valley of Papalaua, there is Papalaua Falls. The valley is located in the northern part of Moloka’i Island, Hawaii. 
  • Height of waterfall: It has an incredible height of 1200ft. 

You will notice that the waterfall is created by a very steep aperture formed by the force of a stream. The waterfall has five drops. It is one of the most impressive parts of having such a great height. The valley is only bathed in sunlight for part of the day. Nearby, Papalaua Falls are sometimes confused with Kahiwa Falls. But it can be easily distinguished as the latter fall directly into the ocean. In contrast, the former is located at the opposite end of the valley.

5. Moa’ula Falls

  • Location: It is located in the Halawa Valley on Molokai. 
  • Height of waterfall: The waterfall has a height of 250ft. 

From the top view of the waterfall, you’ll see that some more small falls and streams are attached to it. The flow goes down from the green cliffs into a calm pool of water. Around the waterfall, you’ll see lots of colourful tropical plants and flowers. The sound of falling water and the leaves rustling together will create a magical effect on your soul. In short, the Moa’ula Falls are like a hidden paradise where you’ll find peace and amazement simultaneously. 

6. Hanakapi’ai Falls

  • Location: On the Na Pali side of the island of Kauai, you’ll see the Hanakapi’ai Falls. To get closer, you must hike approximately 2 miles from Hanakapi’ai Beach. 
  • Height of waterfall: The height of the waterfall is 300ft. 

The trail of the waterfalls is on the bucket list of 90% of the people who visit Hawaii. The views of the waterfalls are unique and refreshing for your soul. The falls cascade over strong rocks and collect in a pool at the bottom. People usually stop at the pool, take a refreshing dive, and click photos. 

7. Manawaiopuna Falls

  • Location: You’ll find these waterfalls in the Hanapepe Valley.
  • Height of waterfall: It is 400ft. 

It is enormous and looks different from the usual waterfalls in the area. Many people want to see it, but it is not easy to access. To see it, you need to fly in a helicopter. Helicopter rides in that area are highly famous. So you can easily confirm your booking. Some of them even land there. How cool!

8. Wailua Falls

  • Location: It is located in the Wailua River State Park in Kaua’i. 
  • Height of waterfall: The height of the waterfall is about 85ft. At the same time, it collects into a deep pool, which is about 30ft deep. 

The waterfalls are double tired and are easily accessible. It is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Hawaii. Unlike many waterfalls, you don’t have to hike to reach here. There’s also a parking lot nearby. So you don’t have to worry about where to park your car. Lots of green plants and trees surround the area. When the sun shines on them, it gives an overall gold vibe. 


Each of the waterfalls in Hawaii has its distinct features. Cascading around the lush forests, they are the perfect escape from your daily busy life. Whether hidden in the heart of a rainforest or gracing the rugged coastline, these waterfalls are the cherry on top for your Hawaii Trip in 2024.  

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