Before travelling to a place, we all have some inspiration that urges us to plan our next trip there. Most of the time, it’s the photo of your favourite blogger, photographer, or celebrity! Well, that’s true! Instagram scrolling is what everybody loves these days. And we all want to make our feed like the rest of famous Instagram figures. So, while in Cavite, Philippines, don’t miss your chance to visit the places that have popped up on your Instagram millions of times. In this blog, we are covering the best Instagram places in Cavite that can hype your insta feed. And guess what else they promise? They have a unique aesthetic and will definitely match your vibe! Let’s not wait more and dig in!

Picture-Perfect Cavite: The Top Instagram Spots

Here’s the list of Instagrammable Places in Cavite. Besides being an incredible background for your photos, they are also fun places to hang out. So, you will have fun not only in reel life but also in real life!

Fantasy World

You might have heard of abandoned theme parks in movies. Now is the time to experience it in reality. Fantasy World is like a Disneyland theme park but is not functional anymore. The project managers faced some financial issues, and it was never completed. It has some nonworking rides, an unmaintained bamboo maze, and a tree house. 

But don’t get disappointed! The rides don’t work, but the vibe of this place will indeed work for your photos. It is a popular tourist destination. Even various films have been filmed here. It has red-brick castles that look straight out of your fantasy. You can click as many photos as you like at different spots. Besides, it has a cute little café where you can eat delicious snacks if you are hungry. 


As the name suggests, the Bearseum is the Museum of Bears. For all teddy bear lovers, this place is heaven on Earth! It is built on the theme of stuffed bears. So, every corner is designed keeping in mind the cute aesthetics. You can visit it from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm. 

Take creative snapshots in the playful poses and have a bear party. The staff is humble and will help you in taking your photos. So, if you’re a solo traveller or want to take pictures with your friends, you can always ask their staff. As you wander this beautiful place, you’ll find a cute café where you can sit, relax, and eat. Moreover, there is a Bearseum suite for those who want to stay there for a long. 

Hundred Steps Place

If you are a nature lover, here’s a slice of paradise in the Cavite. The Hundred Steps Place is a beach resort in a beautiful location where mountains embrace the ocean. What sets this apart is its pristine waterfront and the best part. You don’t have to pay any entry fee. So, you can quickly enter, enjoy the scenic views from there and click your photos. 

Not only is it a beautiful place to take photos, but you can also enjoy fishing and snorkelling. For this, we advise you to pack your own gear. Because it comes with a small corkage fee if you buy from there. So, whether you’re an explorer, beach lover, or just want to click ideal photos, Hundred Steps Place is a complete package. 

Coffee Project

Having a cute coffee spot with a quality taste is a rare combo! Either the space is well-designed, or they offer a good taste. Well, that’s not true in all cases. Coffee Project in Tanza, Cavite, is one of those places where you can sip your favourite espresso with a perfect background. The café’s design is a visual feast. It features a rustic and chic interior. The play of natural light through its large windows blends well with the warm interior to give you the perfect lighting for your Instagram photos. 

It has a versatile menu. So, for those who want more than a simple cup of coffee, they can order delicious cakes and pasta. There are also rice meals and sandwiches available. So you can have a proper meal with an aesthetic vibe. Hence, the Coffee project is where every click tells the story of coffee, comfort and creativity. 

Balite Falls

While in Cavite, don’t miss your chance to go to Balite Falls. It is located in the small village of Amadeo. This place offers peace and natural beauty where you can relax and enjoy nature. The waterfall is lovely and surrounded by lush green forest. The cool, crystal-clear water is perfect for swimming and refreshing dips on a hot day. So, you can plan a peaceful picnic or a quiet weekend for a lovely treat here!

 No doubt, its natural beauty makes it better for Instagram. You can get amazing shots of yourself or your friends enjoying the water and its beautiful scenery. Whether you’re standing under the waterfall, climbing the rocks, or just relaxing by the pool, Blaite Falls provides you with many picture-perfect candid moments. It is a natural paradise that’s as photogenic as enjoyable!

Calle Real

Calle Real is an ancestral mansion that was built in the 1920s. Decorated in the Art Deco style, it is one of the oldest mansions in the Cavite. The owners have now turned it into a famous eatery. They serve authentic-style Cavite foods. All of their recipes are passed down for generations. 

The combination of the mansion’s timeless beauty and delicious food makes it a perfect spot for Instagram. You can take photos of the lovely old building and turn it into the history and past. It is a place where you can enjoy history, art, and food while capturing stunning moments. 

Kadiwa Park

Ever think of a little park that can serve as an aesthetically pleasing place for your Instagram? Kadiwa Park is one such Instagrammable Place in Cavite. The park is designed with artificial birds, waterfalls and spotlights animals. And the best part is it is free to enter and explore. It is like Jurassic Park but on a small scale. 

So, wear anything fun and utilise this vibrant place to create high-quality photos. The animals and sculptures that look like real creatures make it look lifelike and captivating! Since it’s not every day to hang out with animals this close, Kadiwa Park is a fantastic spot for Instagram. You can share your photos with your followers, and they’ll be amazed by your epic adventure. Your feed will indeed roar with excitement!

Café Antix

It is in Caridad, Cavite City. At Café Antix, we have discovered a portal to the past, and we’re inviting you to time travel with us. This Instagram-worthy spot is a treasure of antiques that make you curious and creative. Plus, it is an irresistible backdrop for your photos. They have antique typewriters, vintage phones, and classic furniture that will make you feel like you are in a different era. 

But there’s more to café Antrix than just looking cool. Their coffee is highly recommended. And if you want to eat something delicious, you have to reserve the Bacalao Pizza. It’s super yummy! So, Café Antrix is a great place to enjoy flavour while exploring the past and present. You can be curious and creative and have fun all at the same time!

Gingerbread House

We all, at some point in our childhood, dreamt of a real-world gingerbread house. The walls are made of cookie dough, sweet decorations, cookies, and whatnot! Well, such a place exists in the Cavite. Unlike the tiny ones you used to decorate, this gingerbread house is the size of an actual house. It is well-decorated and is worthy of your cute Instagram photos. 

There is a mini-museum of collections of gingerbread houses. Moreover, it sells sweets and snacks. So, on your gingerbread house tour, you can buy some treats. Many couples take their prenup photos here, and sometimes you can spot the birthday celebration of a kid. So, it is an ideal place for kids and kids at heart!

Other Instagrammable Places in Cavite

Besides the above famous places, there are some other beautiful spots in Cavite where you can take fantastic Instagram photos. If you have an extended trip, do check them out. Here’s the list of them:

  • Gregorio Lim Marine Base
  • Sky Ranch
  • Riverfront Garden Resort Tree House
  • The Orchard Golf and Country Club
  • Corregidor Island
  • Qubo Qabana

Beyond these places, Cavite is home to vibrant festivals, bustling markets and beautiful street art. They provide ample opportunities to you for eye-catching and stunning Instagram photos. So, take out your creative side, and you can make every memory of your Instagram worthy.


Cavite is a true playground for Instagram enthusiasts. With its natural beauty, historic charm, and delightful culinary offerings, this place has something for everyone’s taste. So, keep our camera ready and explore Instagrammable Places in Cavite and share them with the world. Your journey awaits!