Maui is the second largest state of Hawaii but is second to none in terms of natural beauty. This state offers breathtaking valleys, crystal-clear beaches, dense forests, and much more. But the most exciting part about Maui is its waterfalls! Imagine being surrounded by a tall cliff covered with greenery and a majestic waterfall cascading down from great heights. The sound of rushing water with birds chirping fills the air, creating a soothing effect that echoes off the rock walls. And all you are sensing is the cool mist rising when a waterfall crashes into a pool at the base. Nothing is better than that scent of damp aroma! So, now burst this bubble of imagination and step into the reality. You can experience all these while visiting waterfalls in Maui. To make it easier for you to reach there, we have created a list of these majestic falls of Maui. So, let’s explore together!

Road to Maui’s Majestic Falls

Maui Majestic Falls

Waterfalls in Maui are the most underrated natural beauty here! People often get so involved in the beaches that they don’t get to know about these hidden gems. But you don’t have to repeat this mistake! The following waterfalls in Maui are worth your visit. They offer adventure, breathtaking views, natural landscapes, and one of the best backdrops for your photos. So, we must say they are a complete package. Let’s get to know them. 

Twin Falls

  • Location: The exact location for Twin Falls is 6300 Hana Highway, Haiku. To get there quickly, you should head towards Paia Town on Maui’s north shore. Then, take the Hana Highway to the east, past Paia Town. After a 15-20 minute drive, you will reach Mil Marker #2. Around it, you’ll see a bridge. On the right side, there’s a large dirt parking lot with a fruit stand. Park your car here and continue your journey on foot. 
  • Height of waterfall: These falls are about 50ft tall.
  • Trail: There’s a 1.8-mile trail that leads to Twin Falls. It is considered a moderately challenging route. 

Among all waterfalls in Maui, it is the most accessible one. It is a pair of falls, so it is named ‘Twin Falls.’ The whole area is surrounded by lush greenery. If you visit in summer, ditch the heat by diving into a small pool. You can explore the surrounding area and discover the biodiversity with the adventurous trail. 

Honokohau Falls

  • Location: In the West Maui Mountains, you’ll find these falls near the small town of Wailuku.
  • Height of waterfall: The waterfall wears the crown of the tallest waterfall in Maui, with a pinnacle of 1119ft. 
  • Trail: The trail to Honokahau Falls is nearly impossible. Therefore, booking a helicopter ride to get close to it is effortless. The service is readily available there. So that’s not a big deal!

This beautiful fall is located in a dense small valley. It is tucked away in the magnificent West Maui Mountains, so getting close to it is difficult. However, you can get the aerial view through a helicopter. Make sure you book your tour in advance. The waterfall is famous not only because of its impressive beauty but also because it was featured in the renowned movie Jurassic Park. The Haleakala National Park is at the edge of Honokohau Falls, which adds to the beauty of this place. Visiting this place is highly fun and adventurous at the same time. It is one of those places where excitement meets the ordinary!

Waimoku Falls

  • Location: You’ll find these majestic falls where the Pipiwai Trail ends. In short, Waimoku Falls is located above the road to Hana, above the Seven Sacred Pools. 
  • Height of waterfall: The waterfall cascades from an elevation of 400ft. 
  • Trail: Enjoy the trail of 1.8 miles to reach Waimoku Falls. 

Waimoku stands out among the waterfalls in Maui because it flows over a sheer lava rock, setting it apart from the others. How amazing! These dramatic falls make a roaring sound amidst lush forests, making it a one-of-a-kind experience of your life. Due to its captivating beauty, it is listed as one of Maui’s top tourist attractions. After an adventurous roundtrip Pipiwai trail hike in Haleakala Park, you’ll reach here. The hike to Waimoku is also worth the hype. On your way, you will see a variety of flora, including bamboo and banyan trees. Even though Maui has taller waterfalls than Waimoku, it leaves you in awe of its breathtaking scenery. 

Makahiku Falls

  • Location: The waterfall runs in the Ohe’o Gulch stream. More precisely, you can locate it in Haleakalā National Park. You can easily access it via Pipiwai Trail. 
  • Height of waterfall: It is 200ft. 
  • Trail: The trail to Makahiku Falls is about 4 miles roundtrip. It is unpaved with crooked paths. 

Makahiku Falls is truly a hidden gem in the enchanting landscape of Maui. You can sense the flora-infused scent around you as you cross the trail to the waterfall. This is the best part about this place! It makes you feel at home. The pool at the waterfall’s base reflects the daylight, which casts a shimmering glow on the surroundings. So, we suggest you visit it during the sunrise. The view of early sun rays falling over it makes the water look golden. That will be a magical experience for you. 

Puaa Kaa Falls

  • Location: It is in the Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park. You will locate it about 40 miles away from Mile Marker 22.5. 
  • Height of waterfall: The park where it is located is 1200ft. However, the height of the waterfall is just 16-25ft. 
  • Trail: The trail to Puaa Kaa Falls is about 0.3 miles. You will complete it in almost 14 minutes. It is excellent for hiking, especially for those new to such adventures. 

It is also known as Pua’a Ka’a Falls, which means rolling pig. Interestingly, the first animal introduced to this park by British settlers in the 1800s was a pig, hence the name. It is well-known for its year-round availability and welcoming atmosphere. But take precautions while visiting in heavy rainfalls as paths become slippery and uneven. Its trail is also easy. If you want to plan an adventurous trip to nature as a beginner, it is perfect for you. It is one of the few waterfalls in Maui where you can plan a picnic with your family. So, bring some snacks and plan a family trip to Puaa Kaa Falls. It will be a memorable visit for you all.

 Alelele Falls

  • Location: 15 minutes away from Hawaiian terraces, you will find the Alelele Falls. The waterfalls are located past the Seven Sacred Pools. That road is very uneven and narrow. So, we recommend driving until the Alelele bridge and then continuing your journey on foot. 
  • Height of waterfall: It has an elevation of around 50ft. 
  • Trail: The trail of the waterfall is just ½ miles roundtrip.

Another waterfall that is perfect for moderate hikers is Alelele Falls. It is not so famous among the tourists. It means you can experience more than the usual peaceful environment here. The waterfall offers a beautiful swimming spot where you can dive in to relieve all your worries. Within a serene atmosphere, you can plan a cute family picnic. However, you should check the weather before going there because it gets very muddy if there’s rain. 

Pools of Oheo

  • Location: They are in the Haleakala National Park in Kipahulu District. Simply put, you can locate them just as the downstream of Waimoku Falls. 
  • Height of waterfall: The falls are 400 feet tall. 
  • Trail: There’s a 0.6-mile loop trail to the Pools of Oheo. You will complete it in about 15 minutes. 

You may’ve heard of these waterfalls named Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o. Here, you can see various flora covering the entire waterfalls. You’ll find these crystal-clear pools connected by gentle waterfalls as you explore. Overall, it creates a soothing and refreshing atmosphere. “Seven Sacred Pools” comes from the seven main pools, each with unique and captivating beauty. Swimming in the pools is allowed during some times. However, authorities strictly prohibit swimming in the rainy season as the water depth is often deceiving after heavy rain.  

Other Waterfalls in Maui

Apart from the above symbols of beauty, many other waterfalls are cascading over the rocks of Maui. Here are some of the hidden gems which can be attractive to visit. 

  • Punalau Falls
  • Wailu Falls
  • Kopiliula Falls
  • Makamakaole Falls
  • Three Bears Falls

On a Final Note

Undoubtedly, waterfalls in Maui symbolise the magical beauty of nature. They offer you peace, serenity, and a beautiful sight to visit. However, it is essential to take precautions while staying there. You should always check the weather conditions beforehand. Moreover, try to wear a good pair of shoes and don’t try to dive in the pools unless you are confident with their depth. By taking these precautions, you can make your visit to these waterfalls a memory of a lifetime. 

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