Waterfalls are undeniably one of the breathtaking natural wonders that appear to be a gift from the heavens. They are just so beautiful that no one can stop looking at them! While you’re in Mexico, you can also enjoy the scenic views of waterfalls in Mexico. They also offer fun activities like rafting, climbing, hiking, and cliff jumping. So, whether you love to explore or are a nature admirer, prepare to be awed by the diverse and stunning waterfalls that Mexico has for you. Dive in and be inspired!

Puente De Dios

In the region of Huasteca Potosina, you’ll find this gem. This place is known for its lush tropical forests and greenery. If you want to see paradise on Earth, this place is a must-visit! The water here looks like milk is falling from the sky. 

In this area, you can engage yourself in many fun activities. Rafting, cliff jumping, and other exciting adventures are famous here. So, if you seek adventure, this is your call! The ideal time to visit is from November to April! You will enjoy better views of this mesmerising place during this time.  

Agua Azul Waterfalls

Have you ever seen a series of waterfalls that seem to be standing next to each other in a row? Well, you can experience it at Agua Azul Waterfalls. The term “Agua Azul” refers to blue water. And when you visit these waterfalls, you will know why they have been given this name! 

The clear waters, paired with the natural beauty of this place, are a soothing sight. While visiting these waterfalls, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. Swimming in these waterfalls is a fantastic experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Cascada El Chiflon

One of the epic waterfalls in Mexico is Cascada El Chiflon. You can explore the place through an easy walking trail. For your safety, there are steel hand railings. So, you should not worry about uneven paths. The view from these waterfalls is straight out of a movie! You will see turquoise waters surrounded by lush green forests. A good swim, birds chirping, scenic views, and golden sun is worth walking that 20-30-minute trail. 

Tamul Waterfalls

In southwest Ciudad Valles, you will find an impressive 105m tall and 300m wide waterfall named Tamul Waterfalls. It forms when the Gallinas and Santa Maria rivers are combined. The quickest way to reach there is via the Tampaon River. You can row colourful boats at the river to view these waterfalls closer. Don’t want to row a boat? Well, that’s not an option there! It is because to protect the river, no motorboats are allowed. So, you must try a little adventure before visiting the waterfalls. The water there is so clean that we bet you’ve never seen such a view. We aren’t boasting here! It is considered one of North America’s most scenic and cleanest waterfalls.   

Yelapa Waterfalls

Yelapa is located near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After crossing the town, you must row small, colourful local boats called pangas to reach the actual waterfall. This waterfall is about 150 feet tall and has a dramatic view of water falling from a cliff into a pool. Directional signs are placed everywhere in the area. They will help you to locate the waterfalls easily. 

Splash into turquoise waters and enjoy the scenic views! There’s a little bar nearby where you can grab a drink to cool off. However, cards are not accepted here. So, remember to bring cash with you. 

Cascadas Mágicas de Copalitilla

A trip to the magical waterfalls of Copalitilla is what you need after spending some dull days! After driving 40km from the Huatulco, you will reach the Copalita River, which further leads to this beautiful waterfall. Green mountains surround the area, which adds more beauty to the charming scenery. 

This waterfall is unique because of its separation into three distinct sections. In each section, you will see a series of undoubtedly iconic waterfalls! Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of waterfalls, there’s a giant rope swing. It can be your picture-perfect spot if you want to capture the memories of this mesmerising place. Moreover, if you put your legs in the water, dozens of small fish will nibble and tickle your toes, which is quite relaxing. 

Tzararacua Waterfalls

Do you want to have a picnic with the background of beautiful waterfalls? This can be done at Tzararacua Waterfalls. And the best part? You won’t need to bring any additional items to organise a picnic. You can quickly get a pre-setup where you and your loved ones can enjoy snacks and have fun! If you have kids with you, there are many adventures for them. So they’ll never get bored. 

You must travel just five kilometres from Uruapan and a 3km walking trail between stairs and roads to reach here. Along the way, stunning views will greet you, enhancing the already breathtaking beauty of this location. 

Cascada de Roberto Barrios

Cascada de Roberto Barrios is located in the Zapatista village. If you’re searching for an affordable trip to a waterfall, this is the place to go! Locals run the tourism here, which means the entry fee won’t break the bank. The ideal time to see here is around sunrise. The scene of the rising sun behind the clear waters of the waterfall is unbelievably soothing.

Moreover, there’s always less crowd at this hour. So you can enjoy some moments in peace. One interesting feature of this waterfall is the hidden caves behind it. If you dive in the water, you can explore the caves to get the whole experience. However, avoiding this activity is advisable if you are not confident in your swimming abilities. 

Cascadas de Misol-Ha

After covering the distance of 20km from Palenque towards San Cristóbal de las Casas, there are the majestic falls of Misol-Ha. Misol Ha means hidden water and perfectly describes this place’s magic. It is 35m (115 feet) high and falls into a singular circular pool. You can take a refreshing swim in the pool and cool off from the Mexican heat. There’s lush vegetation around these waterfalls that creates a unique relaxing atmosphere. To get to Misol Ha, you’ll likely need to hike through the forest. That’s an adventure on its own! Click some beautiful photographs to capture the beauty of this place. 

Cascada Minas Viejas

Cascada Minas Viejas is another breathtaking natural wonder that captivates all who visit. You will find this hidden gem in the Huasteca Potosina region. The name means Old Mines because the water flows over the rocks here, creating a mesmerising scene. The surrounding area is rich in natural beauty, with dense forests and unique rock formations. Besides waterfalls, the place offers many activities for tourists. There’s a park in the surroundings where you can camp. The entrance fee for the park is just $1.50. So, it is not a bad deal!  

Welib Ja Waterfalls

Welib Ja Waterfalls is an absolute natural beauty in a stunning jungle setting. It is 26ft high. The lush flora at this place is no more than a miracle. They are so perfectly arranged in their wild, natural state that it looks like they were set for a movie. It is an excellent opportunity for you to appreciate the wonders of the jungle. The area is also perfect for arranging a picnic. There are well-maintained pathways and a safe environment. So, having a delightful meal amidst nature’s beauty will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Other Waterfalls in Mexico

Mexico is home to many enchanting natural wonders, each with its unique character and beauty. The list of waterfalls in Mexico is extensive. If you have a lengthy stay planned, consider visiting the following ones too: 

  • Mil Cascadas
  • Cascadas Las Brisas
  • Cascada del Chipitin 
  • Cascada El Chuveje
  • Salto del Nogal
  • Parque Natural Villaluz
  • Cascadas Palo Maria
  • El Salto Canyon and Waterfall
  • Velo de Novia Waterfall


If you visit these waterfalls in Mexico, you’ll see how pretty they are. Moreover, you will learn about the history and culture of this fantastic land. So, whether hiking through the jungle to reach the waterfalls or just taking a dip in the clear water, you’ll remember this fun adventure your entire life. 

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