Are you wondering which island will be perfect for your next vacation? So, your search has ended as we have explored some beautiful Greek islands where you can soak up the sun and relax on beaches freely. And guess the best part? You can reach these Greek islands with direct flights from London. So, escape the bustling city of London and start your sun-soaked adventure without layovers and lengthy transfers. Get ready to discover your passport to paradise!

Direct Flights from London to Greek Paradise: Where to Go!

Here’s the list of Greek Islands with direct flights from London. 

Crete (Chania & Heraklion)

The largest island of the Greeks is Crete. Here, you will find aesthetic beaches perfect for your Instagram feed. Its most famous cities are Chania and Heraklion. Chania has more tourist’ sights and attractions. Its vibrant streets are full of fun colours and cute buildings. You can also try scuba diving, snorkelling, and hiking. Similarly, Heraklion is famous for its nightlife. You can have an incredible, enjoyable night at the amazing bars in the city!


If you want to visit a romantic island, Corfu is the perfect place! It is the most beautiful island in the Ionian Sea. And guess what? There are plenty of fun activities to do. You can explore the pretty hills, see the grand mansions, relax on lovely beaches, and visit historic museums here. Moreover, travelling from London to Corfu is super easy. A non-stop flight without connections and layovers will take you straight from London to Corfu.


The white-sand beaches of Kos are world-famous. It has hot thermal pools, many historic places, and much more to discover. If you are interested in history, you should visit Kos for your next vacation. While you stay there, make sure to see the castle of Nératzia. Another historic building that you can see is an ancient mosque called Gazi Hassan Pasha.


Another Greek Island with a direct flight from London is Kefalonia. All beach lovers called it a paradise on Earth. Its charming villages, like Assos and Fiscardo, resemble the postcards with colourful houses and beautiful scenery. So, if you want to spice up your Instagram, this is the ideal spot. During your stay there, you can try delicious Greek cuisine. Eat fresh seafood and make your trip an unforgettable memory!

Lesvos (Mytilene)

Lesvos is in the northern Aegean Sea near Turkey. And what’s amazing is there are readily available non-stop flights from the UK to Lesvos! It is an absolute gem, and we can’t emphasise it enough. This place will welcome you with warm hospitality and authentic Greek culture. Mytilene is its capital city. You can stroll around the city, explore its rich history, and try retail therapy. And let’s not forget about the food! Lesvos knows how to please you with delicious local dishes. Its traditional drink, called ouzo, is world-famous. Visit the island and enjoy all that it offers!


Rhodes is recognised for its beach resorts and ancient ruins. The top attraction of Rhodes is its old town, which is now called the Medieval Street of the Knights. If you like to explore the history, you can take a leisurely walk through these ancient cobblestone streets. There is also a big castle called the Palace of the Grand Masters. The castle is now a museum where you can learn the history. In addition to history, there is much more that Rhodes offers! Its beaches are perfect for surfing and snorkelling! Moreover, you should also try the Greek food at its beautiful restaurants along the seaside.


Samos is an island with lush vineyards. They produce world-famous sweet Muscat wine. Moreover, Samos has some fine beaches with exotic hotels and resorts. Their crystal-clear waters are a treat for your eyes. It is often windy there. So, if you enjoy windsurfing, this is the right place for you. So, away from the busy city of London, this island is perfect for adventure and parties!


Are you looking for exceptional beach clubs? Mykonos is your dream destination! The ambience of this place is electric, and the party never stops! So, let your emotions flow freely through dance and have fun! And the best part is you can reach there in the minimum time via direct flight from London. Apart from partying, it has super cool beaches. You can soak in the sun all day and spend quality time at the beach. Enjoy dreamy sunsets and splash in the clear waters! But the real excitement begins at night. The night vibes of Mykonos are worth it. Whether it’s day or night, enjoy every moment of your trip.


We’ve all seen that picture of aesthetic blue dome churches on Instagram at least once. Now, the time has come for you to see them. Because you can easily reach there in minimum time with direct flights from London. Click your cool photos there and post them on your Instagram feed. Another fascinating thing about Santorini is its beaches made from volcanoes. On this unique island, you’ll see volcanoes everywhere you look. The land resembles the lunar eclipse; there are black and red sand beaches, and the rocks are made of hard lava that cooled down.

In a Nutshell

In conclusion, if you want to explore the Greek islands comfortably, you’re in luck! There are direct flights from London to some of the most beautiful Greek islands with international airports. It means no fuss, no lengthy stopovers, and the convenience of big airports. It is time to prepare your luggage, secure those plane tickets, and prepare for a sun-soaked adventure.