Maine is a beautiful state with a diverse landscape. It has a vast coastline, offshore islands, rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. And the surprising part is that it has its desert, too! Well, now you will know how much diversity it has! While talking about its natural landscape, we can’t miss the waterfalls in Maine. Their heavenly sight will make you feel refreshed. So, after continuous work days, you can visit, sit back, and relax. So, let’s get to know where these waterfalls are!

Must-See Waterfalls of Maine

Maine has more than 360 waterfalls. But we have crafted the list for the top 8 among waterfalls in Maine. So you can have an idea of what is truly worth a visit. Have a look!

1. Little Wilson Falls

In the beautiful neighbourhood of Elliottsville Township, you will find a series of three waterfalls flowing dramatically! They are named as Little Wilson Falls. After hiking a 3-mile out-and-back hike, you will get here. Among these three falls, the tallest one is ‘Upper Falls’. It has a height of 40ft. The middle one is just 25ft tall. At the same time, the lower falls are 18ft. If you are visiting with kids, you should bound your trip to the lower falls as hiking the upper route can be risky. Overall, the falls are surrounded by lush greenery and have breathtaking views.

    2. Mariaville Falls

On the east shore of the west branch of Union River, you’ll find one of the fantastic waterfalls of Maine that you can’t miss! You must follow a trail of only 0.5 miles to get near it. The hike is overall smooth. So, if you are new to hiking, it will be an easy target. The height of the falls is 10ft, which is comparatively tiny. However, it uniquely flows from a staircase-like rock arrangement, making it highly attractive. The surrounding area is safe and picnic-friendly. So, if you want to plan a cute picnic with a dramatic backdrop, there’s no place better than Mariaville Falls. 

    3. Moxie Falls

While in Maine, we think you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit one of the tallest waterfalls here. Moxie Falls cascades from 90ft and is located in the remote township of Moxie Gore, New England. After hiking a one-mile trail; you will reach here. The trail is pretty vast and is easy to walk. So, don’t worry about the path’s steepness or difficulty. However, when you reach the waterfall, the trail will become rugged, muddy, and steeper than usual. You will find exposed tree roots and numerous rocky ledges. So, please watch your step and take extra precautions near the ledges. The authorities have built various bridges and stairs to help the visitors. The waterfall offers scenic views. The surroundings of tall trees with mist in the air will be a refreshing site for you. Moreover, you’ll find the best swimming holes here. So, don’t forget to bring your swimming suites to enjoy a refreshing dive. 

     4. Niagara Falls

In the Baxter State Park of Maine, you will find another wonder of nature: Niagara Falls. Only a few park visitors ever see it, as it is highly underrated. But that doesn’t make it less beautiful! The waterfalls are also known as Little and Big Niagara Waterfalls. The waterfall is calm and peaceful, with the water gently falling and lots of greenery around. On sunny days, you’ll often see rainbows in the mist, which makes it even more magical. Together, the Niagara Falls represents the beauty of Maine’s wilderness. It is a great place to visit if you love nature and want to experience the outdoors in Baxter State Park. 

     5. Screw Auger Falls

This majestic waterfall is about 23 feet long and stretches along the Bear River. You will find it on the Grafton Notch, and it looks like a transparent curtain of whitewater. It is among the most famous waterfalls in Maine. July and August are popular months. So, if you visit in these months, you’ll meet a big crowd! The waterfall has many breathtaking views and sunbathing spots. As you explore the area, you will find several historical information boards. They provide essential information about the settlers in the 1800s who built the sawmill, which is directly over the fall. The surrounding place of the waterfall has many picnic tables for you. There’s also a large parking area. All these facilities make it an excellent place to visit with family. 

     6. Angel Falls

Angel Falls offers one of those majestic views that you can’t miss! A moderately easy hike of around 1.1 miles will lead you here. You need to cross many streams on your way. However, streams are impossible to cross during high waters. So, you need to take extra precautions for your safety. The waterfall has a 90ft plunge that creates the shape of angel wings. Now, you will get the reason behind its name. It has a beautiful aura that attracts many tourists throughout the year. You should visit this beautiful wonder of nature. 

    7. Snow Falls

In the West Paris of Maine, you’ll find a 25ft beautiful waterfall named Snow Falls. The area has a well-designed picnic spot and a big parking area. The place is highly family-friendly. So, you can easily take your kids to experience this natural wonder. The flow of the waterfall is strong almost all year round. So, whatever the season, you can visit here anytime. The place earned its name because in winter, fluffy snow blankets the surroundings, turning it into a scene straight out of a storybook.  

    8. Orin Falls 

After a 6-mile out-and-back hike to the edge of Wassataquoik, you’ll reach Orin Falls. The clear waters of falls tumble around the granite, making it a sight to behold! Lush green forests surround the area, increasing the falls’ overall beauty. While visiting here, you will sense cool air infused with the scent of pine trees. It is a popular fishing spot. So, you must bring your fishing rod with you.


The above waterfalls should be on your list while you are in Maine. Whether you are a native or visiting here, exploring the natural wonders of place is worthy of your time. Waterfalls in Maine is a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and share memories you’ll never forget your whole life. Enjoy your time here!