Do you want to see some impressive waterfalls in Tennessee? They are some of the most beautiful spots in the Eastern United States. These waterfalls are the masterpieces of nature that will refresh you with their breathtaking views and lush forests. Join us on this virtual adventure to explore these gorgeous spots and unfold their stories. Imagine standing by a big waterfall surrounded by the calming sounds of nature. Such a natural treasure can be found in Tennessee, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Get ready to be amazed by the exceptional beauty they offer.

Explore Tennessee’s Amazing Waterfalls

Have you ever wondered how many waterfalls are in Tennessee? No worries! We’ll find out together! Tennessee has at least 874 waterfalls. You will discover most of these waterfalls flowing through Tennessee’s 56 state parks. They also have beautiful hiking trails, swimming holes, and hidden adventures. Check out our following list, where we have listed the best waterfalls in Tennessee for you!

Ruby Falls

The tallest underground waterfall that is open to the public in the US is Ruby Falls! A guided tour of this beautiful place will help you explore this attractive point thoroughly. For your affordability, there are three tour packages. You can choose from Classic Waterfall, Lantern, and Extended Cavern Experience Tours. During this visit, don’t forget to enjoy the stunning views of the Tennessee Valley and Cumberland Plateau. The Tennessee River nearby also multiplies the beauty of this place. Undoubtedly, the sunsets here are breathtaking. So, hurry up! Grab your tickets online in advance to have the best experience!

Fall Creek Falls

Tennessee is home to another higher waterfall in the eastern United States. The height of the waterfall is 256ft. What a natural beauty! Besides Fall Creek Falls, you can explore different waterfalls like Piney Falls, Cane Creek Falls, and Cane Creek Cascades. The surrounding area has 26000 acres of streams and is famous among natural enthusiasts. If you have an adventurous soul, try camping here. Rent the cabin or choose from 200 campsites in the area! To explore further, you can use trails to find the hidden gems here.

Laurel Falls

The most famous waterfall in Tennessee is Laurel Falls. You will find it in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Evergreen shrubs, also known as mountain laurels, grow near the waterfalls. Due to this, it is called Laurel Falls. During the hike, you will see vast greenery everywhere. The waterfall is 80ft tall and is divided into two sections. Each section is divided by a walkway. The walkway will help you to cross the Laurel Branch Stream. If you like to take photos, you’ll definitely love this place. For better lighting, visit it early or late in the day. The trail was built in 1932 and goes up the mountain. The path is bumpy and uneven. So, you need to take extra precautions while hiking. And don’t try to climb the rocks near the waterfall because they can be very slippery. 

Burgess Falls State Park

Are you planning a picnic near waterfalls in Tennessee? You should definitely visit Burgess Falls State Park. Four beautiful waterfalls are here, with the facilities of fishing and picnic areas. Thus, it is a complete family package for you. If you hike about a mile and a half, you will find a beautiful butterfly garden nearby. It is another main attraction of this place. Burgees Falls is named after Tom Burgees, a Revolutionary War veteran in the 1810s. You should book an affordable guided tour to make the most of your Burgees Falls trip. If you’re travelling with kids, sign up for the Junior Ranger Camps. It is a fun activity for your kids to connect with nature. 

Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls is the hidden gem of this area. You will reach this beautiful location after travelling ten minutes from downtown Gatlinburg. This amazing place suits family trips, especially if you have kids. Beautiful canopy trees surround the trail to cataract falls, making the sight more beautiful. Some bridges help to cross over the creek in several spots. The waterfall has two low-flow streams. These streams further drop into a 25 ft deep small pool. If you’re visiting on a rainy day, you will see amazing views of the waterfall. Don’t forget to capture those beautiful moments with your camera. 

Ozone Falls

Ozone Falls has a lot of cool activities for you! It covers an area of 43 acres and drops from 110 feet into a big pool of clear blue water and rocks. When you stay by the waterfall, the rock house behind it is a fantastic backdrop. The rock house is a natural formation and a beauty on its own. Wind, water, thawing, and erosion all contributed to making it! You’ll see a lot of diverse plants here, including red oaks, tulip poplar, yellow birch, and Virginia pines. If you want to explore the area, there’s about ¾ mile-long trail. It is fun, adventurous, and exciting. 

Bald River Falls

This is one of the most mesmerising waterfalls in Tennessee. Falling from 100ft, these falls provide absolutely stunning views for the viewers. If possible, you should visit the view from above by hiking the Bald River Gorge. The bald river changes its colours as the season changes. So, in each season, you’ll see a different scenery there. It should be at the top of your picnic spots in Tennessee. Nothing is more enjoyable than being closer to nature, your family, and fantastic food. 

Abrams Falls

Abrams Falls is only 20ft high. But don’t get fooled by its minimal height. Its large volume of water rushing over the sandstone cliff increases its volume. In fact, it is the most voluminous waterfall in the park. The pool at its bottom is also a beautiful sight but is not safe to swim. You’ll experience strong currents and an undertow. So, swimming here is not recommended. To get here, you need to hike 5.2 miles roundtrip. The trail is considered moderately difficult. So, this adventure of yours will be an exciting one! It is named after an Indian chief named Oskuah. He changes his name later to Abram or Abraham. You can see his village by going several miles downstream from the waterfall. 

The Sinks

The Sinks is located in the area of Smoky Mountains National Park. You will reach this beautiful land if you cover 12 miles from the Sugarlands Visitor Centre. The fantastic part about this fall is the river makes an S-turn and creates a natural pool. Before discussing other aspects, we would like to tell you an incredible story behind the formation of these falls. Well, long ago, loggers used the Little River to transport logs. But one day, the logs jammed the river and got stuck. The loggers then used the dynamite to blast the bend, creating a new access route. This is how “The sinks” were created. Now, this spot is highly famous among the visitors. However, you should know that it can be dangerous to swim here. There have been multiple drowning injuries in the past. So, you should visit the calm and shallow section of the sinks. 

Other waterfalls in Tennessee

Apart from the above list, you’ll find numerous waterfalls in this beautiful area. Some of the famous ones are:

  • Spruce Flats Falls
  • Rutledge Falls
  • Ramsay Cascades
  • Foster Falls
  • Benton Falls
  • Blue Hole Falls
  • Greeter Falls
  • Margarette Falls 

Insider Tips to Visit the Waterfalls

Visiting waterfalls is truly a mesmerising experience. But to make the most of your visit to these waterfalls, consider these insider tips that go beyond the typical travel advice. 

  • Visit in Off-Peak Hours: To avoid the crowd, you must visit during off-peak hours. Early mornings and weekdays are usually ideal for enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.  
  • Research Before You Go: You must read about that specific waterfall on online resources before visiting. It will be of great help. 
  • Gear Up Properly: The most crucial thing while hiking the trails and going to these waterfalls is to wear sturdy and non-slippery footwear. There are usually uneven trails and slippery rocks. So, it’s essential to take precautions. 
  • Pack Essentials: Take snacks and refillable bottles with you. It will help you to stay energised during your visit. Moreover, bring waterproof cases to protect your cameras or mobile phones from water.  
  • Respect the Environment: Act like a responsible traveller and leave no trash behind you. Respect the local flora and fauna and stay on the designated paths to minimise your impact on the ecosystem. 
  • Safety First: Follow safety signs throughout your trip. Authorities have placed proper warning signs and guidelines for your safety. 

On a Final Note

Tennessee is undoubtedly home to many breathtaking waterfalls. Each has unique features and is a picture of nature’s wonder. So, whether you love adventure or enjoy nature, waterfalls in Tennessee are perfect for you! During your visit, you’ll hear the sound of rushing water and see lots of greenery around you.  It is a great reminder that some of life’s most extraordinary moments are found in the simplicity of nature. So, visit Tennessee, enjoy the waterfalls and have a fantastic time!
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