Saudia Arabia is a country full of history and beauty. It’s where the old meets the new. You will find modern skyscrapers standing tall next to the golden deserts. Each place has a unique story about the country’s past and present. This blog will take a closer look at the iconic places in Saudi Arabia. We’ll also tell you about the history and meaning behind these notable landmarks. So, let’s dive in to find out the Saudia Arabia landmarks, which symbolise the fantastic spirit of Saudia Arabia!

Famous Saudia Arabia Landmarks

Following is the list of famous landmarks of Saudia Arabia. You can easily explore these amazing sites and discover this place’s rich history. 

Al-Haram Mosque

Al-Haram Mosque is located in the holy city of Mecca. With a grand courtyard, you can see millions of worshippers praying here simultaneously. When you visit Masjid-al-Haram, you will be under the shadows of greatness. Next to it, you can see Abraj Al Bait Towers. They are seven tall buildings that look mesmerising. One of them is the Makkah Clock Royal Tower. It is the third tallest building in the world. It attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. 


Al-Ula is a blend of historic and modern construction. Many old tombs, buildings, and monuments represent the history of Saudia Arabia. But Al-Ulla is not just about the past! Currently, there are lots of new projects happening to make it even better for visitors! So, if you are seeking an exciting experience, Al-Ulla is a great place to see! You can visit the following sites in Al-Ulla to make your trip even better:

  • Madain Saleh
  • Elephant Rock
  • Al-Ula Old Town
  • The Lihyanite Tombs
  • Dadan Archaeological Site
  • Al-Musmak Castle
  • The Oasis


In simple words, it is known as the Mountain of Light. You can locate it near the Grand Mosque situated in Mecca. Here, you can also see the Cave of Hira. This place has great significance in the Islamic religion and Christianity. 

You can reach the top of the mountain with an adventurous hike of around two hours. At the top, you will see breathtaking views, making the hike worth it. You should take plenty of water and food with you during hiking as you may experience a high temperature. 


While talking about Saudi Arabia landmarks, we can’t miss Masjid-Al-Jinn! This is also known as the Mosque of Guards. It is one of the oldest mosques in Saudia Arabia. It lies near Jannat-ul-Muallah. 

The mosque was built underground in the 1700s. But you will find all the modern facilities here! Isn’t it fascinating? There is air-conditioning, water stations, prayer carpets, etc. If you appreciate traditional Islamic construction style, this place is worth visiting!


Another most-visited place in Saudia Arabia that reflects this country’s rich history is Masjid-Al-Nabwi. Located at the centre of Medina, the mosque is a significant landmark. The most notable structure of the mosque is its green-coloured dome. 

It has a sliding roof and umbrella-like shades to protect the visitors from heat. The mosque is open all day. So, you can visit it anytime. However, you should visit it from Sunday to Wednesday to avoid crowds. If you’re on a family trip, you should visit it from sunrise til 10:00 a.m. 

Al-Masmak Fortress

It is a well-known palace of Saudia Arabia made of clay and mudbrick. The fort will take you to the battle of Riyadh. Its courtyard is a lovely spot to unwind and capture some stunning photos. Inside the fortress, there’s a museum that displays old photographs and things from the past. 

The palace often hosts cultural performances. You can easily buy tickets and enjoy these traditional shows. So, visiting Al-Masmak fortress is like time travel where you can learn about the country’s history.

The Edge of the World

Do you want to visit a geological wonder in Saudia Arabia? The edge of the world is your place to go! As the name suggests, the site appears as an end of the world. It is because when you stand on the top of the hill, you can see very far in every direction without any interruption in your view. 

The view from this place is so mesmerising that you won’t believe your eyes. It is such a kind of view that we can’t describe in words. While visiting here, ensure you take all safety measures, as there’s no cellular connection on these hills. 

The Emirates of Diriyah

You may have heard the stories of a time machine. Well, the Emirates of Diriyah is not a machine, but will surely take you back to the past! Imagine this: walking through the ancient streets, watching mudbrick buildings, and feeling the whispers of the past in every corner. You can now live this dream in this historic landmark of Saudia Arabia. 

Emirates of Diriyah is the first Saudi State. Plan a guided tour of this place in cooler months for a better experience. During your exploration of this fascinating time portal, don’t forget to visit these sites:

  • Salwa Palace
  • Diriyah Gate Museum
  • Ghasiba

Asir National Park

The Asir National Park is a natural wonderland. You will see the collision of adventure and beauty here! The park’s greenery sets it apart, especially considering its location in a desert. How fascinating! 

Moreover, the fresh mountain air and colourful flowers are soothing for the soul. So, trekking in this park is an experience on its own. Besides trekking, you can try hiking, paragliding, and even camping. 

While discussing the beauty of Asir National Park, we can’t forget the charming villages in its surroundings. They are the representation of how people used to live long ago. So, if you want an amazing outdoors in Saudia Arabia, Asir National Park is calling your name!

On a Final Note

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s landmarks offer an excellent opportunity to explore the country’s rich culture and history. Whether you are on a spiritual journey with an Umrah Visa, visiting as a tourist with a Tourist Visa, or opting for the convenience of an Umrah package, these landmarks hold fascinating stories waiting to be discovered. Each site reveals a chapter of the nation’s history and connects its ancient traditions with modern aspirations. Get ready to pack your bags and let your curiosity guide you to the unique charms of Saudi Arabia.