Are you craving some sun, sand, and adventure? Look no further than the breathtaking paradise of Cabo San Lucas! June is the time when this Mexican gem shines its brightest, offering you a vacation that’s not just about sunscreen but also about memories that will warm your heart for years to come. Get ready because we’re about to explore all the cool stuff about Cabo weather in June, events in Cabo, some super-smart travel tips, and many awesome things you absolutely can’t miss. 

So, Cabo San Lucas has something amazing in store for you this June. Let’s get this tropical fiesta started!

Details On Cabo Weather In June

Cabo San Lucas

Imagine this: the sky becomes a canvas painted with the most amazing shades of blue. That’s Cabo’s June scene! And guess what? We’ve got the scoop on what to expect when it comes to temperatures. In June, the weather in Cabo San Lucas is like a warm hug. You’ll experience average temperatures that bounce around between 70°F to 90°F (21°C to 32°C).

It’s like being cocooned in a big, comfy hammock. Just imagine relaxing under the sun with a light breeze. But wait, there’s a key ingredient you definitely can’t forget: sunscreen. The sun in Cabo is like that super enthusiastic friend who just can’t seem to take a break. It shines bright and strong, which is awesome for beach fun and exploring, but it also means you must make friends with sunscreen. Slather on that protection to keep your skin happy and glowing all day.

So, remember to pack your sunscreen; after all, the sun in Cabo is a real go-getter. 

Travel Tips for Cabo

Before you embark on your journey to Cabo, let’s set the stage with some essential travel tips. We’re here to ensure your vacation is as smooth as a scoop of ice cream on a hot day. Let’s roll!

1. Decide Where You Want To Stay (There Are 2 Cabo)

Cabo isn’t just a single place; it’s kind of like a twin situation. You’ve got Cabo San Lucas on one side and San José del Cabo on the other. They’re like the yin and yang of Cabo, each with its own unique charm.

Cabo San Lucas:  If you’re all about fun, excitement, and bustling nightlife, this is your spot. Think beaches, water sports, and energetic vibes. It’s like the social butterfly of the Cabo family.

San José del Cabo: If you’re into art, history, and a bit of tranquillity, this is your scene. This side of Cabo is rich in local culture, with galleries, charming streets, and a peaceful ambience. It’s like the wise, calm friend who loves good conversations.

So, whether you’re up for a party-filled adventure or a cultural exploration, Cabo has you covered with its two distinct personalities. 

2. Research When To Book (If You Are Whale Watching)

If you’re all about whales, June is like a VIP ticket for you. This is the time when these majestic creatures put on a show in Cabo’s waters. But here’s the trick: if you want a front-row seat to this spectacular performance, you’ve got to plan ahead. That way, you won’t be left feeling disappointed when all the spots are already taken.

Keep an eye out for whale-watching tours and packages. These tours usually offer you a chance to see these gentle giants up close from the comfort of a boat. Look for reputable tour operators, read reviews, and maybe even ask your friends or family for recommendations. Once you find the perfect tour, go ahead and book your spot so you’re all set for a whale of a time!

3. Get Your Beach Outfits Ready

Whether you’re a mermaid at heart or just looking forward to some water fun, getting your beach outfits ready is a must. Here’s the deal: when you’re in Cabo, it’s like your swimsuit becomes your second skin. So, here’s what you need to know about your beach wardrobe:

  1. Pack your favourite swimsuits; whether it’s a one-piece wonder or a trendy bikini, the choice is all yours.
  2. Now, for those times when you’re taking a break from the water but still want to feel beachy-chic, pack some cool cover-ups.
  3. Pack your favourite sunglasses, hats, flip-flops and beach bag. It’s like your little beach treasure chest.

4. Keep Track Of Your Documents

You don’t want to be caught in a document mess, so let’s get organised and stay stress-free. Before you take off to Cabo, there are a few things you’ve got to make sure are on your “got it” list:

Passport: Keep it somewhere safe but accessible. You’ll need it at the airport and when you get all official at the destination.

ID: Whether it’s your driver’s license, school ID, or any other form of identification, don’t leave home without it. 

Plane Tickets: Make sure your departure and return tickets are handy.

Electronic Copies:  Store them securely on your phone or in your email – it’s a lifesaver if the physical copies go missing.

Emergency Contacts: You never know when you might need to reach out for help.

Events and Things to Do in Cabo

Events and Things to Do in Cabo

Now that you’ve got your travel essentials locked and loaded, it’s time to get into the juicy stuff – what to actually do in Cabo! Hold onto your sunhats because this is where the real fun begins.

1. Go Snorkelling

Imagine diving into the water so clear it’s like you’re in a giant pool. Cabo’s waters are like that, and they’re perfect for snorkelling. You’ll be able to see everything, from the tiniest fish to the prettiest corals. Additionally, don’t worry if you’re new to snorkelling. It’s super easy to learn. Just put on your snorkel gear, a mask, a snorkel tube, and some fins,  and you’re all set to dive in and explore.

Once you start, you won’t want to stop. The underwater world is so captivating that you might find yourself wanting to stay in the water all day!

2. Visit Beaches


Get your sunscreen ready because Cabo is all about stunning beaches. Here are a couple you’ve got to check out:

Medano Beach: Medano Beach is the place to be if you want to soak up the sun, play beach volleyball, and catch some waves.

Lover’s Beach: Lover’s Beach is all about that cosy, lovey-dovey atmosphere. Here you can enjoy quality time with a special someone.

Oh, and there’s more! Besides just lounging, you can try water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and parasailing.

3. Attend The Annual Stars & Stripes Fishing and Golf Tournament

Hold onto your hats because we’ve got an event that’s all about fishing and golf: two seriously awesome things. The Stars & Stripes Fishing and Golf Tournament is where you get to test your fishing power. The tournament also includes some swinging action on the golf course. Whether you’re competing for the biggest fish or aiming to conquer the golf course, one thing’s for sure; it’s all about the thrill of the challenge. 

Besides the competition, you’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime. So, fishing champs and golf pros, mark your calendars for the Annual Stars & Stripes Fishing and Golf Tournament.

4. Prepare For Whale Watching

Remember when we talked about booking that whale-watching tour? So, get ready to have your heart flip as you witness these majestic whales in action. From breaching to tail flipping, it’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss. Ensure you’ve got your tour booked, camera ready, and heart open to the wonder of the ocean’s gentle giants. It’s going to be an experience you’ll remember forever!

Remember, we’re visitors in their world, so practising respectful whale watching is important. Keep safe from the whales and follow your tour guide’s instructions. It’s all about giving these gentle giants the space they deserve.

Long Story Short

And there you have it, amigos! Cabo in June is like a dream come true; with sunny days, exciting events, and endless adventures waiting for you. So, pack your bags, put on your shades, and prepare to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

Book your trip, follow our tips, and let the good times roll. Your tropical escape awaits. See you under the sun!