Hi there! Welcome to this exciting journey, where we will take you through the natural wonders of Florida! Florida is not only home to stunning beaches with diverse ecosystems, but it also boasts enchanting waterfalls that many people may not be aware of. Spanning from the lush forests in the north to the tropical paradise of the south, each waterfall in the state tells its own unique story and is a geological wonder in its own right. Despite being underrated, these breathtaking waterfalls deserve to be explored. This article will uncover some of the hidden gems of waterfalls in Florida. Whether you are a nature lover or adventure seeker, these waterfalls are fascinating. So, stay connected with us!

Best Waterfalls in Florida

Following is the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Florida. Along with their location, you will know how they are worthy of your visit. 

Steinhatchee Falls

Nowhere in Florida will you find a more expansive waterfall than this! It is located in Taylor County. Near the Hagens Cove Park, you’ll discover this hidden gem. This waterfall’s stunning location holds great importance from a historical and geological point of view. In the surroundings, you will find a dense forest. The forest covers almost 1800 acres and is home to diverse wildlife. There are chances that you’ll see Hogs, Alligators, and Panthers here. So, stay alert!

Devil’s Millhopper Nature Trail

This waterfall is as interesting as its name! It is near San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park in Gainesville, Florida. It attracts dozens of tourists due to its captivating beauty. Surrounded by a geological park, the waterfalls are a complete package of adventure and natural beauty. The waterfalls cascade down the ancient limestone walls of almost 100ft of geological rock layers. Tree Frogs and Eastern Screech Owls are abundant here. So, you’ll see many of them during your visit there. 

Falling Waters Sinkhole Trail

This waterfall is 73 feet high. It is considered one of the largest waterfalls in Florida. You will find it in Wahington County, Florida. More precisely, you can find it near the Falling Waters State Park. The trail leads you to a captivating sight as you continue your journey along the well-marked paths. The waterfalls cascade into a mysterious sinkhole. No one knows where it ends. So, a visit to these falls will be a treat for you. The soothing sound of cascading water and the cool mist in the air create a tranquil ambience. Thus, it is a perfect escape into nature for you! You may have a chance to spot Great Horned Owls and Brown Bats here. 

Falling Creek Falls

You will discover this hidden gem near the Camp Branch on the Suwannee River! To reach here, you must follow the same way as Stephen Foster Culture Centre State Park. The waterfall is just 10-12 feet high. However, the natural views are highly captivating. You can capture some of the most beautiful shots you’ve ever caught. But still, the camera can’t do justice to this beauty! The water flows into a ravine before disappearing underground. In winter and spring, this waterfall flows with full force. However, the flow is minimal in Summer. So, we don’t recommend visiting it in the summer. Another fascinating feature of the falls is its unusual sweet tea colour. It is due to the natural tannins in the Creek. Along the waterfall, you will spot Cypress and other trees that create golden hues in the water. You will spot Northern Cardinals and Turkey Vultures here. 

Weeping Ridge Falls

You may have hiked over steep hills more than triple the height of a three-story building. But can you imagine such a hike in Florida? That’s nearly impossible, as Florida is known for being super flat. But, there’s a place in the middle of Florida called Torreya State Park where you’ll find such a height. Amidst this park, there’s a small waterfall named Weeping Ridge Falls. Although it has no such height, the views here are worth visiting. The hike is challenging. So, if you are an adventure lover, you must try it. On the hike, you will find rare plants and animals you can’t find in many other places in Florida. The waterfall is usually dry in Summer. So, you should plan your trip accordingly.

Disappearing Creek

It is located in Live Oak, Florida. It is near the Camp Branch Conservation Area along the Suwannee River. The trail is named so because it follows a river that vanishes quickly. The area is full of beautiful natural scenes. You will find many good spots where you can click amazing photos. A hike to the disappearing creek is also worth the hype. However, at such a height, you should hike only if you are an expert. 

Lake Osprey Trail

Lake Osprey trail is a full-time adventure. You will find a couple of activities to do here. It includes biking, birding, paddling, swimming, and even snorkelling. If you want to go fishing, you should bring your fishing rod. The trail is about 1.5 miles. You will reach the falls after 15-20 minutes of the trail. They are flowing from an ancient artesian spring, creating a breathtaking scene. The water then splashes down through a tangle of dried sulphur, which foliage into the lake. The waterfall offers different views. Especially in the spring, the natural flora blooms at its peak, mesmerising the whole scene. 

Roji-en Fall

Roji-en Falls are in Morikami Japanese Gardens. 4000 Morikami Park Road at Delray Beach will lead you towards this amazing place. If you are looking for a peaceful gateway, Morikami is your place to visit. You will forget about all the troubles in the world here. There are sweet-smelling pine forests and cool bamboo grooves. After passing the forest comes the show stopper of the place, which is its waterfall. Although not that high, it’s a perfect addition to the Morikami Gardens. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the museum there. It has many exciting things to look at and even a tea house for you. Sip your tea with a fantastic waterfall in the backdrop!

Big Shoals Rapids

Big shoals are super intense rapids in Florida. They are rated as Class III Whitewater. When you visit there, you will see vast cliffs of almost 80ft. Water flows in complete form here. Here, kayaking or canoeing is exhilarating. But you should only try it if you are fully trained. Newbies should try something other than this, as it’s hazardous. The surrounding park has a lot of trails where you can go biking, hiking, and even horse riding. You will find this fantastic spot between Jacksonville and Tallahassee. 


Waterfalls in Florida are the epitome of nature’s wonder. So, write these falls on your bucket list in Florida. They offer peace and serenity in the most beautiful natural settings. On your way, always carry essentials. If you are planning a hike, make sure you are well prepared. Experts recommend only swimming and kayaking if you are fully trained. Make the most of your trip by visiting these hidden gems in Florida.
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