Many of us have a misconception that some parts of Mexico are not safe enough for tourists. There are many reasons behind this. But the major one is the country has a high rate of street crimes and cartel fights in tourist areas, nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants. But this doesn’t apply everywhere in Mexico! Many places are beautiful, safe to visit, and offer you fun adventures! And Tulum is one of them. 

It is one of the most famous beach destinations in Mexico. It is a perfect place to spend your days without the busy city life and work. However, due to safety concerns in Mexico, you may think twice before booking a flight to Tulum. Well, we are not complaining, as safety does come first! However, we are here to help you get to know about is Tulum safe for tourists. We are debunking all myths about the safety concerns here. So, you may have a clear picture of this place’s current state of tourism. Let’s get started!

Is Tulum a Safe Destination?

If we say that Tulum is totally a safe place and there’s nothing to worry about, then it is obviously not true! This town does have security problems. But which part of the world doesn’t have? First, you should ensure your safety while travelling to any part of the world. Mishaps can even happen in countries that have very low crime. Whether it’s an online scam, mugging, you get fooled by some agent, etc, such crimes have no boundaries. 

Now, coming to our concern, which is Tulum. According to the Overseas Security Advisory Council, Tulum is moderately safe. The Tulum is included in the state of Quintana Roo. The US State Department travel advisory states that this region is Level 2. The level 2 refers to “exercise increased caution”. It means you need to be extra cautious while travelling here. The same rating is for countries like France, Spain and Italy. But tourists have never paid attention to safety while visiting these destinations. So, the story’s moral is that a bad name is worse than bad deeds!

Crime Rate in Tulum

While determining whether Tulum is safe for tourists, it is essential to evaluate the crime rate of this town. The level of crime here is moderate. However, if you look at recent incidents, crime has been increasing in the past three years. The level of your belongings being stolen is moderate. But the rate of mugging or robbing is relatively low. If you rent a car in the town, the chances of it stealing are low. Although, you need to be cautious about your things in the car. Since the cases of items stolen from the car are higher. The level of violent crimes like physical attacks, assault, and armed robbery is very low. Assaulters usually don’t target tourists. Since places that are popular among tourists are typically crowded and have security. 

Cartel Activity

The Mexican crime incidents often revolve around cartels. Well, this is 90% true. Cartels exist, but they don’t usually target tourists. These structured crime groups have shown less activity in the region of Quintana Roo, where Tulum is located. It is because Tulum is a popular tourist destination. Tourism is a critical factor for Mexico’s economy. So, authorities and security organisations ensure that cartels don’t disturb the peace of such areas. If, by any chance, there’s a mishap, it is because a tourist is at the wrong place at the wrong time. So, this is, in fact, a matter of your luck, too! 

Practical Tips for Staying Safe in Tulum

The most common security threats to tourists in Tulum are scams or petty thefts. Don’t worry. You won’t come face to face with the cartel. So, if you act smartly and know little about how to avoid situations that can lead to a mishap, you can survive here safely. For your ease, we are sharing some of the safety tips with you here. They will help you learn how to stay safe in Tulum.

ATM Safety and Robbery Concerns

Tourists are usually targeted near ATMs like in other parts of the world. These petty thefts generally track you down from the prime location, i.e., ATM. And when they find you in a quiet place, they’ll rob you. So, instead of going to public ATMs to catch their attention, you should withdraw cash from the ATMs installed in your hotels. 

You can also go to an actual bank to use their interior ATMs. Another additional tip is never to withdraw all your cash at once. The more digital currency you have, the safer you are!

Furthermore, don’t carry large amounts of cash with you. And last but not least, Tulum is not the right place to flash your valuables or money! Showing off can take a toll on you. So, you shouldn’t do that.

Renting a Car in Tulum

Do yourself a favour and never rent a car in Tulum! But if it’s a necessity, you should use a reputable site to book it. Always check the ratings before making a deal. It may take some time, but believe us, It will significantly help you. If there are any comments from previous users, check them out. Once you rent a car, lock it properly and park it in a secured parking lot. You shouldn’t leave your valuables inside your car in any case! Remember, earlier, we told you that the cases of things stolen from the car are more than the entire car being stolen. 

Considerations Regarding Substance Use

While in Tulum, you should avoid using or purchasing drugs. Both cases can lead you to worse situations. People often think that drugs aren’t illegal in Mexico. Well, this is not true! As per their law, the substance use is strictly prohibited. So, if you get caught, you’ll locked up abroad. In addition, purchasing drugs increases your interaction with criminals. Some may even be involved with cartels or set up meetups at dangerous sights. Likewise, suppose you are under the influence of a substance. In that case, anyone can take advantage of you by robbing, mugging, or even worse. 

Staying Safe During the Night

The Tulum is safe at night, but it will be good if you follow precautions. The cases of theft and robbery are more often at night. So, at night, stick to your hotels or the tourist districts. It is useless to wander around randomly. If you are on a trip with friends, stay with your group. You should use your hotel’s taxi service for night events and party hopping. They are often more reliable. For additional safety, try to build a relationship with the taxi driver and keep at least one of your friends or family members with you. If you are alone, share your live location with your close ones. Always ask for the number of your taxi driver. So, you can call him to return to the hotel when the party ends. 

Sticking to Well-Travelled Routes

No doubt, Tulum is a gorgeous place to visit. Many scenic views attract tourists all over this place. But don’t get fooled by their beauty! Tourists become victims of different crimes mainly because they explore the areas where they don’t belong. At unpopular or deserted sites, they often get robbed. So, you shouldn’t repeat this mistake. 

Book a guided tour or stay with your group if you want to explore Tulum. Your tour guide will show you all the tourist attractions, and you can freely move there. Similarly, book your hotels or rent homes in busier places. Don’t risk your life to save some bucks! If you want to keep yourself safe, stick to a well-travelled route. 

The Benefits of Speaking Spanish

When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do! It will be easier if you learn some basic Spanish phrases. It will help you move around, and locals will appreciate you. Such an act will help you connect with locals and make yourself friendly among them. Locals often give helpful tips on areas to avoid and how to keep yourself safe. In addition, you can negotiate with your taxi driver, order food, and bargain with shopkeepers. If you find it hard to learn Spanish, don’t worry! Nobody is saying you should be fluent. Sometimes, even a simple “Hola Amigos” can solve your problem!

Is Tulum Your Next Ideal Destination?

In conclusion, Tulum is undoubtedly a beautiful place to visit. It has pretty beaches that offer scenic views and are relaxing. As per the travel advisory, the region is safe to travel. However, you need to take extra precautions on your trip there. We have provided a thorough evaluation of whether is tulum safe for tourists! Tulum will be a good destination if you think you’re a savvy traveller and can avoid suspicious areas. We recommend you check the latest news and analyse the situation accordingly. Then, you can book a tour if you prefer.

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