Disneyland Paris is a dream destination for many people, and it doubles the fun and excitement of visiting Paris. If you plan to visit Disneyland on your trip to Paris, you should know its closest airports. Disneyland Paris holidays are a fantastic option for families and friends. To make your trip easier, we have compiled a list of the airports near Disneyland Paris. So, let’s explore together!

1. Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

If you want to conveniently fly through an airport close to Disneyland Paris, Paris Charles de Gaulle should be on top of your list. But what makes it a suitable option to stay? Its strategic location makes it ideal for those who want to stay near Disneyland Paris. An average 9-minute train journey will take you from CDG Airport to Disneyland Paris. In addition, you will find various dining options at the airport. For instance, you will find everyone’s favourite McDonalds, Pizza Hut, etc. Shopping enthusiasts will have options like Swarovski and Hermes. 

The airport will also facilitate you if you have some business-related meetings. You can use the meeting room, conference rooms, business lounge and 24-hour internet access. Paris CDG Airport has ensured that everyone can easily travel, including those who struggle to walk or move around. They have put things like moving walkways and toilets that are easy to use and lowered public phone booths to make it easier for them to reach. There are also unique parking spots for those who need them, and the rates are cheaper. This means that when you choose Paris CDG Airport, you can have a fun and easy journey, especially if you are heading to Disneyland Paris.

2. Paris Orly Airport

Paris Orly Airport Bridge

Paris Orly Airport is 13km south of Paris and near Disneyland Paris. You will find a range of facilities here, making it a suitable choice for travellers heading to Disneyland Paris. Orly Airport has diverse dining options for you. You can choose from renowned establishments like La Duree, Starbucks Coffee, and Brioche Doreero, providing various culinary experiences. The airport’s duty-free shops feature the best fashion brands, beauty products, perfumes, watches, and jewellery that cater to all travellers’ shopping needs. 

Orly Airport cares about your health and well-being. They have unique places called “medical and health centres” in both terminals. You can go there if you don’t feel well. They are open 24 hours a day. Terminal West is also the best place to get vaccines if needed. If you want to pray, there are unique rooms for that, too! They have rooms for different religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. You can find them in Terminals West and South.

3. Paris Beauvais Airport

It is located near Beauvais, approximately 85km north of Paris. Many budgeted airlines use this airport specifically if travelling to/from Europe. The airport is not directly linked to the Disneyland Paris. However, there are easily accessible transportation options at the airport that will help you reach Disneyland Paris easily. Some shuttle companies provide direct transfers from Beauvais Airport to Disneyland Paris. Such opportunities are pretty convenient for you if you want a direct connection without the hassle of navigating public transportation. 

In addition, the airport facilitates its consumers as much as it can. You will find several café and restaurants at its terminals. It includes Starbucks Coffee, Franks Hot Dogs, Sport’s Bar, Pizzeria Tony, Illy Café, etc. 

Beauvais is a small airport, but you will find many duty-free shops. Aelia shops at every terminal and sells electronic goods, beauty products, perfumes, and other items. Thus, Beauvais Airport is a viable option for budget-conscious travellers. However, we recommend you always confirm the availability of transportation services from Beauvais Airport to Disneyland Paris before planning your trip. 

4. Lille-Lesquin Airport

Lille Airport is in Lesquin, about 7km southeast of Lille. If you are heading towards Disneyland Paris, it is a compelling option. Among the 12th busiest airports in France, it handles about 1.4 million passengers annually. Lille Airport is sometimes called the “15-minute airport.” That’s because it’s easy to get to and always on time. It’s located in a good spot in the middle of many highways connecting Paris, Dunkirk, and Belgium.

If you’re going to Disneyland Paris, you can get there quickly from Lille Airport. They have a shuttle to central Lille every hour, which only takes 20 minutes. You can also take a taxi to get there quickly and comfortably, but it costs about €20. The airport has many parking spots, including long-term parking with a free shuttle bus. Lille Airport also has lots of other things you might need, like a place to work with internet access, help for people with disabilities, and a place for kids to play that’s supervised. Plus, there’s Wi-Fi all over the airport, even in the waiting areas and boarding lounges. So, if you want a smooth and fun trip to Disneyland Paris, Lille Airport is a great choice!

5. Charleroi Airport

It is another suitable option for travellers heading to Disneyland Paris for several reasons. First and foremost, it has a strategic location. It’s easy to get to Disneyland Paris from Charleroi Airport. You can travel there quickly on major highways, and some buses and taxis can take you straight to the park. The airport is designed to get to your destination easily and comfortably. Charleroi Airport is good at making things easy for people. They have a smart system to check you in quickly, and the airport is built in a way that makes it easy to get around. The staff is also super nice and always ready to help you out. The airport has ATMs, money exchanges, and information desks to help you with any questions. 

On a Final Note

In conclusion, you must choose a suitable airport near Disneyland Paris to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. When selecting an airport, there are many things to consider. You should pick one close to you that runs smoothly and has everything you need. Just remember to think about these things when you’re making your decision! By carefully evaluating the offerings of nearby airports to Disneyland Paris, you can have an awesome time right from the moment you land. This way, you’ll enjoy all the magical moments inside and outside the park. Share your travel stories to provide guidance and inspire others in their journey.