When it comes to travel on a budget, Wizz Air is the leading airline that comes to mind. This Hungary-based multinational air career flies in many cities across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. If you want to have an affordable journey, Wizz Air should be your top priority. 

However, your journey will be more profitable if you don’t have any oversized luggage. To avoid any hassle regarding extra baggage charges, you must go through our Wizz Air baggage allowance guide. We will uncover all the necessary details and help you save more money. So, let’s get started!

Wizz Air Hand Baggage Allowance

Low-cost airlines usually have a tight luggage policy. The Wizz Air also provides strict instructions about what to carry and how much to carry during a flight. If you don’t follow the instructions of Wizz Air baggage allowance, you will stick with high extra baggage fares. Not only is it a burden on your pocket, but it also gives you stress before your flight. For an economy class ticket, Wizz Air allows only one handbag to its passengers whose specifications are:

  • Maximum Weight: 10 kg
  • Number of Carry-on bags: 1
  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 20 cm
  • Wheels: Allowed/ Not necessary
  • It should fit under the seat in front of you

In addition, you can carry your coat, blanket, mobile phone, or any reading material for the flight without any extra fees. If you travel with children, the airline will allow you to carry the baby food on board. Disabled passengers can also bring their crutches as a carry-on luggage for free.

Purchasing Hand Baggage Allowance

If you want to travel without paying extra for your hand baggage, strictly follow the Wizz air baggage allowance. But don’t worry if you carry more than the compensated weight limit. Travel easily, as Wizz Air allows you to purchase an additional baggage allowance. If you have more than 10kg of hand luggage, the airline will take it as checked-in baggage. The charges range from 5€ to 35€ per kg.

Both online and cash payments at the airport are available. However, we recommend you pay in advance for the first three excess bags during the online check-in. This is because fares are comparatively higher at the airport. 

Items you can’t carry as Hand luggage

Wizz Air does not allow certain items as hand luggage or checked-in baggage for the safety and security of all the passengers and the aeroplane itself. Therefore, you must check that neither of the following things is in your luggage:

  • Any explosive or radioactive materials
  • Weapons of hunting or ammunition
  • Condensed gases of any type
  • Bags with built-in alarms and lithium batteries
  • Any adhesive material like glue
  • Any item restricted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation

Guidelines for Liquid Items

Following the government-imposed limitations, Wizz Air put certain restrictions on carrying liquids on board. Each person can take only 100ml of the liquid in their hand luggage. The liquid containers must be of 20 x 20cm dimensions. They should be sealed in the transparent plastic bags. You must present your sealed liquid container at the airport security separately. 

Tips for Complying with Wizz Air’s Hand Baggage Rules

Here are some tips to meet the specific standards of Wiz Air’s Hand baggage rules:

  • Use a Measuring Tape: To make sure your bag meets the specified dimensions, carry a measuring tape. Measure your carry-on bag and personal items before heading to the airport. 
  • Weigh your bag: After measuring your bag, the next essential step is to weigh it. Use an accurate luggage scale to know what its weight is. 
  • Pack Efficiently: We usually want to bring our necessities during a flight. So, try to organise your hand carry instead of just stuffing it. 
  • Know What’s Restricted: You should always check the updated list of restricted items on the website. Avoid putting sharp objects and liquids over 100ml. 
  • Prevent Last-Minute Packing: The chances of putting unnecessary items in the hand luggage rise if you pack at the last minute. To avoid doing so, you must list items to keep and plan. Then, pack thoughtfully. 
  • Use Travel-Sized Toiletries: The common mistake that we all make is to put an entire bottle of our skincare or essential moisturisers in our hand luggage. It occupies most of the space, and at last, you run out of storage. Try not doing this and invest in some travel-sized containers. They are easily accessible and can be refilled. 
  • Keep Your Essential: While discussing essentials, we can’t forget travel documents! The most vital thing to carry in hand luggage is travel documents. Your visa, passport, and other required items should accompany you during the flight. In addition, if you’re carrying some jewellery or medications, keep it in your hand luggage.
  • Double-Check Before Boarding: Just before you board, review your hand luggage. Make sure it meets the standards of Wizz Air. It is easier to make adjustments before boarding rather than paying extra at the airport. 

On a Final Note

Wizz Air provides affordable flight tickets to its customers. It is a worth considering-option for your short trips and business ventures. However, it is essential to remember that Wizz Air has strict baggage policies. So, check all instructions before going on board to avoid unexpected charges.


How much is Wizz Air’s hand baggage?

The hand baggage allowance of Wizz Air will cover only 10kg of 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

How can I purchase excess baggage online?

Wizz Air facilitates customers by introducing an online mode to pay excess baggage fees. You can transfer the funds online by visiting the airline’s website or calling customer care. 

Can I carry my medicines as hand luggage on Wizz Air?

To carry any medicine on board, the aircrew will check your prescription. Therefore, always bring your medical certificate with you. 

Can I carry my infant’s bag in addition to my handbag?

You can carry an extra bag for free while travelling with an infant. However, the bag’s dimensions should be 40 x 30 x 20 cm.