Are you planning to spend some days off laying on the Atlantic-facing Vero beaches of Florida? Cheers to your good taste in finding a great spot! Undoubtedly, Vero Beach is a city that boasts some of the most amazing beaches in the world. The dream of many is basking in the sun, enjoying the tropical vibe, and sipping pina coladas. So, whether you are enthusiastic about fulfilling this dream or visiting the city due to business or personal matters, you must wonder which airport is closest to Vero Beach. You asked, we deliver!
In this blog, we will unveil the top airports that bring you closest to the heart of Vero Beach. So, let’s find out together!

1. Palm Beach International Airport

At a distance of just 82 miles from Vero Beach, there is Palm Beach International Airport. It is considered the closest airport to Vero Beach. With its excellent facilities, the airport stands out in terms of quality and convenience. Both domestic and international flights fly from here. The airport has one main terminal. However, three concourses are identified as A, B, and C. It has all the amenities that you’ll see at other big airports. There are dining and shopping areas with a lot of international brands. You will find premium food and beverage options for different cuisines. So, whatever suits your taste, grab it! Before your flight, you can sit and relax in its Escape Lounge. All passengers can access this plush lounge area regardless of airline and status. If you are a reader, Palm Beach International Airport has something for you. You will find access to about 7000+ publications in almost 60+ international languages. So, besides being close to Vero Beach, this airport boasts world-class facilities. 

2. Orlando International Airport

The distance between Vero Beach and Orlando International Airport is 99.3 miles, which we think is quite close. It is one of Florida’s busiest airports. It functions as a central hub for numerous international and domestic airlines. So, due to its abundance of airlines, it is a top priority for most passengers. Another prominent feature of this airport is its large area. It is expanded on 11,605 acres and is one of the largest commercial airports in the United States regarding land area. You should download the Orlando MCO Airport App to find your way through the entrance and exit through the terminals.

Moreover, the airport has an amazing Hyatt Regency hotel within the main terminal building. And that’s not all! There’s also a spacious lobby area for guests to unwind as they await their flights. There is also a convention space for business travellers. Not only that, but the airport also has two bars and two restaurants, one of which is located on the top floor of the terminal building. It provides stunning views of the airport and its runways. How cool is that!

3. Orlando Sanford International Airport

If you are considering convenient options for flying to and from Vero Beach, consider the Orlando Sanford International Airport. Like the above airports, domestic and international flights fly from here. It is the hub for many well-known airlines like Jet Blue Airways, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Four runaways are available here. So, it is capable of handling various planes of different sizes. Get ready to experience the future of air travel at Orlando Sanford International Airport! This airport has everything from a sleek and modern terminal to a state-of-the-art control tower. And the best part? Its design ensures accessibility for all, including those with disabilities. So, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-time flyer, you’ll love the convenience and comfort of this top-notch hub. 

4. Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport

If you need to fly to or from Vero Beach, there’s another airport you can use called Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport. It’s about 129 miles away from the centre of Varo Beach. A significant number of people utilise it for travelling to various destinations within the US and around the globe. Every year, more than 21 million people go through this airport, which makes it quite busy! Two airlines, Spirit and JetBlue, use this airport as their primary hub. The airport comprises four distinct terminals. If you’re flying to another country, you’ll probably use Terminal 1. Terminal 2 has a special place called the Sky Club for people who fly with Delta. JetBlue uses Terminal 3, and Spirit has its own terminal, Terminal 4. You can get to the airport in many different ways, like driving your car, taking a taxi, getting on a bus or train, or even riding a bicycle. A train called Tri-Rail can take you to Fort Lauderdale from Miami or West Palm Beach. You can also reach this closest airport by riding on the Amtrak Silver Star or Silver Meteor trains.

5. Miami International Airport

Last but not the least is Miami International Airport. It’s only 140 miles from Vero Beach and easy to get to! It’s the first stop for all international and domestic travellers to Florida. It boasts a wide array of airline options. This airport is the first point of contact for all international and domestic travellers to Florida. And that’s not all! The airport has a lot of airline options to choose from, and it’s convenient. The best part? Miami International Airport has many cool things to do while waiting for your flight! They have great lounges and restaurants that will enhance your travel experience significantly. Plus, it’s easy to get around Vero Beach from here. So, if you are considering a visit to Vero Beach, Miami International Airport is the way to go!

In a Nutshell

The above airports have made it easier for travellers to get around Vero Beach. Their prime location and top-notch facilities make your journey comfortable. So, we hope you consider these options while travelling to Vero Beach. They will help you connect to the city’s heart in a few minutes, and you don’t have to travel a few other kilometres just to reach the city’s centre.  

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